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It’s time to get those Winter Warmers!

It’s time to get those Winter Warmers!

It’s time to get those Winter Warmers!

Here are our Winter top picks and will aid you in keeping your dog healthy and happy no matter what the Winter throws at you. Not all dogs have great winter tolerance and it’s a great idea to be prepped just in case snow and cold temperatures hit us out of nowhere!

Keeping them clean

As most dog owners know, keeping your dog clean is a big priority! Not only does it make things easier for you, but it can keep your pup healthy, especially when all sorts of illnesses such as Kennel cough & ticks are rife throughout the winter seasons.
Here’s our top picks for keeping them clean throughout the Winter:

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Try to avoid the mess, it’s easier to keep your pup covered when they rush into that mud puddle than attempt to wash it off at home after! Check out our selection of jackets, waterproof puffers and knitwear. All of our dog clothing is machine washable (exception of our wax coats) that make for a quick wash and dry after a long walk.
winter dog clothes
When you’re desperate and need a quick fix via walk, our quick measures, can be found in our selection of Pet wipes. They come in a variety of sizes, specific needs and they smell delicious. I mean Vanilla & Coconut over wet dog smell any day.
When it’s too late, they’re 100% smelly! Opt for our selection of Shampoos, our favourite scent for Winter has to be the Vanilla Bean, who doesn’t want a dog that smells like desserts? For those looking for a lighter scent try our Cucumber Facial Dog scent.
If all else fails, try our grooming parlours for a last minute wash & groom!

Providing comfortability

As we know, most dogs love a good space of their own! It’s vital to make sure with parties, festival dinners and lots going on, that your dog can find a little place of privacy. Our top seller year after year are our luxury dog beds, we fill them with extra padding and a separate cushion as well as removable covers to provide easy machine washing. With extra insulation & our spare cushion they can be great for homes that have a draft. Reuse them in hot summer weathers and take the cushion out in the summer and replace with a gel cooling pad.

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Some dogs like to create caves, mimic this with our Dog blanket selection. For a great practical multi use, try our dog blankets in the car or as furniture covers. For dogs that need stimulation & love a good play, we have constant new toys available. For growing pups and those that love a good cuddle, check out our soft toys, made with durable cotton and come in a variety of shapes with squeakers. For dogs that love the outdoors, check out our range of waterproof and easy to clean dog toys ranging from the Punk toy  Selection and our latest Monster Treat Release dog toy.

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Just in case

For those just in case moments, make sure you are never out of Poo bags with our monthly dog box subscription. Making it all the easier, we’ll be sending your rolls of poo bags straight to your door!
dog waste bags
Posted on Wednesday 29th November 2017