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Dog Leads | Why Choose Rope Leads for your Dog?

Why choose rope leashes & how they can best benefit you and your dog.

As any dog owner knows, a lead can make a huge difference to your dogs daily life from training to general walks in the park. The right kind of leash can improve comfortability for your dog and ultimately their happiness on walks and out of the house! Costs can build up over the years if your leashes are not up to to standard of your daily wear and tear.

Our rope leashes are handmade using traditional marine rope and are proven to be durable and long lasting. Rope leads are gentle on your hands and great for dogs with sensitive skin or long hair. There should also be no concerns with long haired dogs getting tangled fur in their leads or clips.  Rope leashes can last for years, are unlikely to fray and become stained, they are also one of the most recommended pieces of hardware for swimming dogs.

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Should your rope lead become dirty, we suggest a hand wash by soaking in warm water with a mild detergent, wring out a few times then rinse in cold water then air dry. It can be easily wiped down with wet wipes for a quick on the go job! For any mud damage, let it dry before gently brushing off mud stains.

Rope leashes are ultimately more comfortable on your dog and can prevent a rough or tight feeling against their skin, this can be a huge factor for dogs with sensitivities or have known to pull extremely on walks. Our rope leads come in a variety of styles, the most popular being our slip lead – available in Natural or Red.

Our slip lead is adjustable for a “no choke” style, with a quick slip loop over the head, change the sizing for each dog and makes a great must have item for a multiple dog household. The slip lead also features a smaller loop for yourself, secured with extra strong rubber this item will hold up to even the strongest pulling dogs.

natural rope dog lead

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Pair it with our Autumnal edits for a decked out Winter Wardrobe and for dogs that might feel the chilly winds. For a perfect matching duo, try our Red Rope slip lead and our Lumberjack tweed jacket. Your dog will be rocking the ultimate Autumn fashion statement! Feel right at home with the orange and red leaves in the parks this season.

Or go for something subtle with our Brown English Wax Jacket and Natural Rope lead to look like you belong right at home in the English countryside.

If you like this, you might like our Autumn Selection. Featuring everything you need for those muddy walks and training your dog in the perfect “fetch & retrieve”.

red rope dog lead

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