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Tribal TLC Cold Pressed Dog Food | Tried and Tested by Alfie & Emma Bearman

Tribal TLC Cold Pressed Dog Food with Alfie & Emma Bearman

There’s a new cold-pressed dog food on the scene, Tribal TLC. A healthy food for your dog…
Alfie Bear and Emma are one of our favourite dog/owner couple. We love scrolling through their lovely website and reading about their new adventures. Informative, fun and sweet, Emma and Alfie’s blog posts are just great!
For all these reasons we’ve decided to feature this couple and one of their recent article for you to understand what we mean!
Tribal TLC, Cold-Pressed Dog Food
Alfie recently tried an exciting new brand of dog food called Tribal TLC and Emma kindly shared their experience with us (followers).
Our two London dog stores now stock Tribal TLC and Alfie’s experience as a new customer constitutes a great insight for you to take into account if you are thinking of changing your dog’s food.
(Always be precocious if decide so, a dog diet transition should be done slowly over a two-week period in order to avoid upsetting the dog’s stomach)
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Tribal dog food London
The range of TLC dog food is the only cold-pressed product to use fresh meat, this unique process guarantees that a minimum of 98% of all their ingredients are processed below 95°C. As Emma remarks, this process allows to lock in all the goodness. This gentle cooking process and the fact that their foods are grain free mean a much easier digestion for your dog avoiding swollen stomach.
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Emma also highlights the exciting fact about the non use of meat meal in the recipe as only fresh meat is used. In her opinion, even though meat meal is edible for dogs, as a human it’s not something she would want in her dinner… So why should Alfie?
*Meat meal is the dry, rendered combination of meat, bone and other edible parts of the animal

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Emma definitively thinks cold pressed is the way forward; feeding Alfie this diet for over two years have been ideal as it really suits him and his active lifestyle. She concludes her article saying she will now make the food transition to Tribal TLC for Alfie, we’re also pretty convinced, what about you?
At Purplebone, we’re always happy to help you make the right choice for your dog. Whether you’d like to know more about food, treats, toys or any products we have available, we’re here to give you the information and tips needed.
After all what matters the most is that you and your dog’s experience is as good as it can get, just like Alfie and Emma’s one with Tribal TLC.

This post has been re-written, originating from Tribal TLC, Cold-Pressed Dog Food from January 29th on the Alfiebear website. All photos were taken by Emma for the Tribal TLC, Cold-Pressed Dog Food post.

 Posted by Purplebone on Friday 9th February 2018.