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Vermont Tweed Dog Jacket
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Vermont Tweed Dog Jacket by Purplebone


Vermont Tweed Dog Jacket by Purplebone

Wrap up in style this winter with our tweed dog jackets.

This premium dog coat is made from Scottish wool with a Sherpa fleece lining; ideal to keep your dog warm and dry in the winter weather.

The Vermont tweed dog jacket is specifically designed to make dressing your dog as easy as possible; using the velcro neck strap and adjustable buckle around the waist ensures a non-slip, comfortable fit for your dog. Puppy friendly

Hand Wash Cold, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry.


Size 8 – Neck to tail, 8 Inch / 20.3cm | Belly, 30-45cm | Upper Chest/ Neck, 18-28cm | E.g. Chihuahua, Mini Pinscher

Size 10 –  SOLD OUT

Size 12 – Neck to tail, 12inch / 30.5cm | Belly, 44-54cm | Upper Chest/ Neck, 22-36cm | E.g. Mini Poodle, Jack Russell

Size 14 – Neck to tail, 14inch / 35.5cm | Belly, 48-58cm | Upper Chest/ Neck, 36-40cm | E.g. Lakeland Terrier, Cavalier KC, Maltese

Size 16 – SOLD OUT

Size 18 – Neck to tail, 18inch / 45.5cm | Belly, 68-78cm | Upper Chest/ Neck, 42-48cm | E.g. English Springer Spaniel

Size 20 – Neck to tail, 20inch / 50.8cm | Belly, 78-88cm | Upper Chest/ Neck, 46-55cm | E.g. Border Collie, Labrador

Other dog coats include: Lumberjack Tweed | Vermont TweedBrown English Wax | Green English Wax


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