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Navy Wax Dog Jacket
Navy Wax Dog Jacket Original wax jacket checkered inner lining weatherproof dog jacket Wax jacket for dogs velcro around neck metal buckle dog jackets Navy Wax dog jacket

Navy Wax Dog Jacket | Purplebone | 50% OFF


Navy Wax Dog Jacket

Welcome back Purplebone’s original 2015 navy fully weatherproof wax dog jacket now on the 50% sale.

This robust coat is made from high quality English waxed cotton for reliable water resistance and protection from rough terrain, with an insulating fleece lining for extra warmth. Use the blue checkered fleece lining for a reversible look.

The smart collar can be folded forward for extra protection, and an adjustable underbody strap and velcro neck ensure a comfortable fit. 

To avoid destroying the special wax oil proofing in this fabric this garment must not be dry cleaned. Wash down with clean cold water and hang to dry at normal room temperature. Do Not use Soap Detergent or cleaning fluids.

Midway buckle for snug fit | Velcro adjustable neck | Puppy friendly.

Available in a variety of limited sizes:

Size 8 – Neck to tail, 8 Inch / 20.3cm | Belly, 30-45cm | Upper Chest, 18-28cm | E.g. Chihuahua, Mini Pinscher

Size 10 – Neck to tail, 10inch / 25.4cm | Belly, 27-47cm | Upper Chest, 20-32cm | E.g. Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese

Size 12 – Neck to tail, 12inch / 30.5cm | Belly, 44-54cm | Upper Chest, 22-36cm | E.g. Mini Poodle, Jack Russell

Size 14 – Neck to tail, 14inch / 35.5cm | Belly, 48-58cm | Upper Chest, 36-40cm | E.g. Lakeland Terrier, Cavalier KC, Maltese

Size 16 – Neck to tail, 16inch / 40.5cm | Belly, 56-66cm | Upper Chest, 32-44cm | E.g. Beagle, French Bulldog, Shih Tzu

Size 18 – Neck to tail, 18inch / 45.5cm | Belly, 68-78cm | Upper Chest, 42-48cm | E.g. Springer Spaniel

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