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Lamb Batons, 100% Natural Dog Treats at Purplebone New 100% Natural Lamb Batons Treats by Purplebone Lamb Batons, 100% Natural Dog Treats at Purplebone TREAT-NH2

Purplebone, Lamb Batons


8 100% Lamb Batons (SUBSCRIBE & SAVE UP TO 25%)


All the lamb is locally sourced, sustainably farmed & ultimately luxurious. Packaged in a resealable pack to keep your treats fresh.

Our brand new series of Batons are 100% natural and 100% delicious, making it impossible for your dog to turn it’s nose away at.


We are proud and passionate of our country’s high quality produce. Our aim is to reflect this into our treats and for all dogs to eat well.

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  • All treats are Hypo-Allergenic making them suitable for dog with food tolerances.
  • Grain Free & Gluten Free – Free From Additives, Artificial Flavours, Colours & Preservative.
  • 100g Per Pack & compliments food (for all dogs over 14 weeks old)

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