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Peach, Pear, Kiwi and Passion Flower Deep Cleansing & Deodorising Dog Shampoo for Dirty Coats


Our perfectly balanced Peach, Pear, Kiwi and Passion Flower Dog Shampoo cleans away dirt; deodorises smelly dirty coats; protects the skin from damage; moisturises and hydrates.


Purplebone Dog Shampoo is for all Hair Types includes Natural Ingredients, it’s Tear Free; Cruelty Free; Paraben Free; and Free From Harsh & Harmful Cleansers.


A sweet, tropical odour which is pleasant for you and comfortable for your dog. Your dog will smell divine for an extended amount of time.


Generous 500 ml Bottle with a 32:1 Dilution ratio – 16 Litres when diluted.


The chosen shampoo for Purplebone, London’s leading, highly trusted professional dog groomers since 2010.

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Professional, High Quality Dog Shampoo

Purplebone is London’s leading highly trusted dog grooming salon, first opening a parlour in Notting Hill, 2010. Our highly trained staff only use the best dog products and tools when it comes to washing our furry friends.

We provide expert help and bespoke grooms to 10,000’s of dogs always with their owner in mind. This includes Royal corgis, footballers spaniels, musicians Pomeranians, to name a few.

Perfectly Balanced Pet Friendly Formula

– pH Balanced & Ideal for all hair types;
– Cruelty-free ingredients are people tested and pet approved;
– Tear Free; Paraben Free; Free from any harsh chemicals or detergents;

– Cleans Away Oil and Dirt;
– Hair Whitening Properties;
– Deodorising Strong and Nasty Smells;
– Antioxidants Help Protect and Repair Skin;
– Moisturises Hair;
– Hydrates Dryness;

Natural Fruit Ingredients

Peach Extract has Vitamin C, E, A, B & K and Zinc. All these antioxidants help protect the skin and minimise sun damage.

Pear and Purple Passion Flower Extract have mild astringent properties which relieve minor skin irritations.

Kiwi Extract includes hair whitening properties, but also hydrates the skin and moisturises the hair.

The sweet, tropical fragrance is pleasant for you and comfortable for your dog. Your dog will smell divine for an extended amount of time.

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 21 cm




Directions of use

It's premium 32:1 concentration (mix 32 parts water to 1 part shampoo) equals 16 Litres of diluted shampoo!

That's about eight washes for big dog breeds and 16 washes for the smaller breeds. Wet your dog's coat and apply the shampoo. Work the shampoo into a foamy lather. Rinse the coat thoroughly and then towel dry. Gently brush the coat to reach perfection.

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