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dog poo bags
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Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags by Purplebone



Heavy grade, high density, 16 microns thick, biodegradable poo bags split into 4 or 8 separate rolls of 15 poop bags.

All you need for a fun, mess-free walk in the park with your pooch.

These strong waste bags are easy to open and detach from the roll, lasting you up to a month so you can feel great about using them.

When laid flat these handleless bags measure 22.5cm by 32.5cm a convenient size for most dogs.

When rolled each roll is 60mm long and the outside diameter is 35mm.

These standard sized poo bags will fit into a standard dispenser allowing you to attach to any lead. It’s also a great feature that holds the used bag for hands-free transport until it can be binned properly.

Fresh light mint scented to effectively disguise any bad smells.

The closely sealed poop bags to make sure the mess stay where it is.

  • 1 roll includes 15 bags
  • 4 rolls includes 60 bags
  • 8 rolls includes 120 bags

Buy in bulk & save.

  • 24 rolls (360 bags) – 24 rolls for the price of 16 rolls
  • 48 rolls (720 bags) – 48 rolls for the price of 32 rolls

Enjoy the adorable little purple printed bones on one side, not printed on the other.

Caution Please keep away from animals and small children as these plastic bags are a choking hazard.

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