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amazing biltong dog treats
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Bybenji Biltong Super Sticks | Beef Dog Treats


Naturally dry cured premium dog snacks, made from only the finest silverside of beef.

An ideal 100% RAW meat treats for dogs!


bybenji Super Sticks are a healthy and nutritious real meat high protein no carbohydrate snack source to fit perfectly into any daily doggie meal plans.

Encourages the healthy chewing action, which in turn aids healthy teeth and gums!

  • Contain NO MSG, NO SUGAR, wheat, nuts, dairy or additives such as flavourings or colourings!
  • Freshly produced on a regular basis
  • Produced from high quality human grade meat
  • Unique handmade production
  • Very first DEFRA registered production of biltong for pets in the UK

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