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Premium Dog Treats Review | ByBenji Biltong

Premium Dog Treats Review | ByBenji Biltong

Get ready to drool! Sorry we meant the dogs…
premium dog treats
We received a new delivery, if that isn’t a sign of how much they love it! We’re not sure what is. Give it a try today. 
Firstly… ByBenji is the very first DEFRA registered manufacturer of biltong for pets & they’re based here in the UK.

What is biltong you might say?

Biltong is a variety of dried, cured meat that originated in South Africa. It can range from beef to game meats! Similar to beef jerky but is known to be less sweet and less salty! It was created to outlast the long hot summers & keep meat before the invention of fridges and freezers.

How does that apply to my four legged friend?

ByBenji was inspired by the focus on a RAW diet and wanted to introduce RAW meat teats for your dogs too! Today, our friends rely on us to provide them with varied and balanced diet, meat included.
by benji biltong for dogs
This is one super snack, high in protein, zero carbohydrates, free from gluten, soya, wheat and corn. For the concerned dog parents, their treats have no artificial preservatives, flavourings, colourings or additives. This Biltong treat can be a perfect match for a dog on a diet, or an older pooch who needs low in fat diets. (But please check with your Veterinarian before changing or introducing any new foods into a dog’s diet)
Naturally dried and cured, it’s made from the finest silverside of beef (which they even highlight is human grade, in case you fancy a try) 100% natural. Biltong’s are strong & encourage healthy chewing, with its natural ingredients it can make a fantastic chewing treat for puppies and the older pensioner pooch. If you’re trying to limit your dogs diet go for the training treats, which are cut up into small pieces to minimise overeating.
dog eating biltong treats
For dogs who aren’t into chewing, try the super sticks with a thinner yet harder exterior. Can be easily snapped into pieces & are closer to your traditional style biltong.
Let’s just say the pups who reviewed ByBenji’s biltong’s loved it so much, they began to recognise the packet! Causing a little stir every time, we received a new delivery, if that isn’t a sign of how much they love it! We’re not sure what is. Give it a try today, we promise you, this treat is bound to get tails wagging.
ByBenji Biltong arrives in three variants.
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