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Purplebone Dog Grooming

Purplebone is London’s premier dog grooming spa parlour, offering many different services with high precision to suit all dogs and their owners needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding dog grooming and styling, with focus on animal welfare. Our salons are run by expertly City & Guilds trained, and knowledgeable staff and fitted with the very best equipment to make your dog's experience a stress-free one.

To get the most out of your appointment, we think it's important that you get to know us. That's why our friendly team is always on hand to have a chat or answer your questions.

We only take the best possible care of your dog, using a superior range products and equipments in our unrivalled Notting Hill dog grooming salons.

Please book below, allowing 3-4 weeks for all services to avoid disappointment. If you do leave things a little late – don’t fret – we can sometimes accommodate you so it’s always worth checking availability.

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Online Booking Form


Select the location, 3a Hillgate Street (W8 7SP).

Choose the service. Only one can be selected from 'General', or combine with an additional service from the 'Teeth Cleaning' section.

Next step, pick your desired date and time.


After this, we'll require every enquirer to input their phone number. This will notify you with a 6 digit code to enter. Only then can you progress.

This phone number is your username to log in. There you can access all account details, upcoming and past grooming appointments.


Please note, that the 'First Name' section is your dog's name. If you have more than one dog to book in, please use the contact form below.

In the optional comments section, state the dog breed and coat condition, with as much detail about your desired groom.


When returning for a future booking, simply log back in using the original phone number. Do this by tapping 'Log in' on our booking app below. 

Booking amendments can be requested up to 48 hours before a scheduled appointment, by logging-in using your booking account. Please contact us if you're having difficulties.

Payments & Cancellations


A polite reminder that from 1st June, we’ll be asking clients to pre-pay for their grooming appointments up to 48-hours in advance to simplify the experience and guarantee bookings for our loyal customers.

The invoice, to be paid online, will be emailed one week in advance of the scheduled appointment.

Your appointment will be confirmed upon payment, but the timeslot will be held and unbookable by anyone else until then. You will have up until 48-hours before the scheduled appointment to make your payment, after which, you will forfeit your timeslot and will need to rebook your appointment from scratch.


Your grooming fee will be calculated based on the information you provide when booking, so please be as accurate as you can.

Any additional fees due to discrepancies on the form on dog size, breed, fur condition and dog behaviour will be charged at the end of your groom and invoiced separately.

We are able to provide an estimated price based on your dog’s breed. Please reach out using our pricing request form below.


Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment you can request this by emailing us provided you contact us 48 hours in advance of your appointment.

If you fail to show up to your appointment, or cancel within 24 hours, you will be subject to a cancellation fee invoice of 100% of the appointment value.

Any future appointment requests will be denied, until the outstanding invoices have been paid. See our terms of service.


All in-store payments must be made via card. Cash will not be accepted. 

As of June 1st 2022, each booking will be paid for in full via an invoice. This payments must be made via card (Including Amex, Apple and Google Pay). Payments must be made in advance, and not in-store on the day of the appointment.

Please email us if you have any concerns.

Priority Bookings


We are excited to announce a new priority booking service, available to all customers who store their card details in our online payment tool.

Doing so allows customers to skip the invoice and payment process, saving time and hassle, and guaranteeing your appointment immediately. Payment will be taken one week prior to the booking.


In order to benefit from this service, tick the ‘Save my card on file with Purplebone Hillgate’ box next time you make a payment via your booking invoice email and SMS notifications.

These details can be edited or deleted at any time. Payment data is fully encrypted and therefore not accessible to Purplebone*.

Contact Us - Appointment Request for Multiple Dogs or other Specific Requests 

If you have a specific grooming request, please fill out this booking form and we'll be in touch very shortly to accommodate your request.