About Us

At Purplebone, we care about the wellbeing of your pets. That's why, since 2010 we have provided superior dog grooming services across London, and high-quality lifestyle products to promote and support healthy dogs.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding dog grooming and styling. Our salons are run by expertly trained and knowledgeable staff and fitted with the very best equipment to make your dog's experience a stress-free one. To get the most out of your appointment, we think it's important that you get to know us. That's why our friendly team is always on hand to have a chat or answer your questions.

Using our wealth of experience as leading dog groomers, we were able to create our own range of grooming products, focused on transforming the health of your dog's coat. Our luxury shampoos are free from parabens, harsh chemicals and detergents. And look out for our new vegan shampoo, made from 100% natural plant-derived ingredients, coming in 2021.

As lifelong dog owners and experienced dog care professionals, we understand the importance of feeding our pets the best food available, and catering to their individual dietary requirements. Our hand-selected treats are not just indulgent snacks, they're natural, ethical and locally sourced, and help to support a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Our Founder's Story

Inspired by their own four dogs, Jacob and Julian founded Purplebone in 2010 to fill a much-needed gap in the market for a quality grooming salon-cum-pet store. Their goal? To create a well-loved destination for the dog community, in the heart of their West London neighbourhood.

Jacob, who has a background in finance, wanted to build a brand with an outstanding reputation, so he set about hiring a team that shared his vision. His close-knit group of expertly trained and knowledgeable staff have been fundamental in helping him reach this goal.

Magazine editor Julian is from a creative background. For him, Purplebone is a place where he can push the boundaries of what a typical pet store looks like; sourcing stylish lifestyle products from the very best modern brands and creating a warm, welcoming space for both pets and their owners.

Today, Purplebone serves thousands of customers a year, both online and from its brick and mortar grooming and retail spaces across London. While its staff may be familiar with stately Corgis and premiership pups, Purplebone is open and accessible to all, and has become a well-loved destination in the local community.

Purplebone has appeared on programmes for Sky 1 and Channel 4, and been featured in various publications, including Time Out, The Evening Standard and British Vogue.

Our Products

Hair Care

Unable to find a shampoo brand that they liked and trusted, Jacob and Julian decided to produce their own. Using their wealth of knowledge and years of experience, Purplebone professional dog shampoo was created. Designed to deeply and effectively clean any type of coat, it's used in Purplebone's busy salon on the hundreds of breeds that pass through its doors. Free from parabens, harsh chemicals and detergents, with zero water wastage during production, Purplebone shampoo is one of the most sustainable products on the market.

And look out for Purplebone's new vegan shampoo, made from 100% natural plant-derived ingredients. Coming in 2022.

Natural Dog Treats

Jacob and Julian weren't happy with the imported meat and additive-based treats on the market. They wouldn't feed their dogs these types of treats, so why would they stock them in their store? Wanting to offer a superior alternative, Julian went on the hunt for dog treats that were natural and locally sourced. Today, Purplebone stocks a carefully chosen selection of treats from family-owned businesses based in Wales and Scotland.

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