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Make your own Christmas Dinner for your dogs!

Make your own Christmas Dinner for your dogs!

We all like to over-indulge and get our “Winter bodies” on with some delicious festive food but overweight pets are a growing epidemic! So just keep an eye out for your pets bulging belly throughout the season.
Here’s our tip for prepping your dogs Christmas dinner whilst also keeping them healthy and tip top shape. (Please check and be wary of any allergies your dog might have).


Boost your dogs Omega 3 fatty acids by adding some plain salmon, bake it slowly or boil it for a delicious beginning treat. Make sure to reduce portions as this is one heavy 3 course meal!
Chicken Broth, can also be a great ‘soup’ alternative starter and is packed full of delicious nutrients and vitamins for your dog. Easy to make, just boil some chicken bones and meat until fully cooked. Add some raw carrots in afterwards to mix it up. (Don’t forget to take out all the bones and let it cool down fully before giving to your pup)
Try our Pigs in Blankets treats! – Here
Pigs in Blankets Christmas Dog Treats


Turkey is obviously the meat of choice and 100% okay for your pup. Make sure it is slowly boiled though, boneless and skinless! (No herbs).
Add vegetables like plain potatoes, carrots and raw parsnips. Plain please, no butter, oil or herbs (especially garlic).
dogs christmas meal


Fancy getting your hand on some DIY? Check out our Mince Pie Recipe here. Or Lily’s Kitchen’s version here. Or even Dogs Trust here.
Alternatively, we have a huge range of treats from Venison chew sticks to Marrow Bone as a cute Christmas dinner ending. Our top pick has to be the Neoh & Nobo peanut butter, slather that in a Kong or a chew toy and leave them be. That’ll keep your pup ready for a nap whilst you rest off your heavy Christmas eating.
sophia and daisy eat peanut butter