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London Dog Meet Ups | Dachshunds, Frenchie's & Whippets

London Dog Meet Ups | Dachshunds, Frenchie's & Whippets

London Dog Meet Ups | Dachshunds, Frenchie’s & Whippets

We know one thing for sure; you love your dog more than some people think you should do sometimes.
Well we’ve presented some hang outs this month with other like minded dog lovers… and dogs of course!!
Dog meet ups are a great activity to do on the weekend. Most of them happen once a month and it will not only give you the chance to make your dog to make some best friends, it will also be a good opportunity for you to sound (almost) normal when talking about how much you love your pooch, to others that feel and think the same!
We have made a little selection of the London dog meet ups we know best about and that are quite popular (there are plenty more all around the country, with every type of breeds that you can find on the Meetup webpage for instance);
whippet meet up london


Skinny doggies lovers, here is your community rendez-vous!
Whippetup is not only a whippet meetup, it’s also a genuine community raising money for the Galgo rescue charities Galgos del Sol and Yo Galgo. The Whippetup crew invite all whippets and their owners to meet up once a month on Hampstead Heath.
Get yourself added to their mailing list (whippetupuk@gmail.com) to find out about their latest news and events and go share some skinny love in beautiful Hampstead Heath!
Here is some more details;
Organiser: Elsie, The Whippetup crew & Walter (Instagram: @whippetup)
Next meetup: email whippetupuk@gmail.com

The Dachsunds

Meet up organised by the lovely Ana and Winston, takes place every last Sunday of the month in Hyde Park. They meet inside the park at the Italian Gardens Cafe at 11:00 am, just in front of the Italian Gardens and across Lancaster Gate tube station.
We personally know and love Ana and Winston and have been supporting this meet up with some of our products that are offered to the participants on the day!
Head to the next one on the 25th of February, enjoy the goodies and share some Dachsund love!
Here is some more details;
Organiser: Ana R. & Winston (Instagram: @winstonminidachshund)
Next meet up: 25th of feb

London dachshund dachshund meet up

Frenchies owners

We’ve also got your Sunday sorted!
This coming (as well as every other last Sunday of the month) at 11:00 am, Victoria Park French Bulldog meet up is on! One of our team member has been attending lots of them in the past and she can guarantee that it’s a great meetup; not only members are lovely, they make sure all festivities such as Easter holidays and Halloween are celebrated with all Frenchies!
Meet them at 11:00 am on Sunday 25th of February behind Victoria Park’s Pavillion cafe and be ready for the best playdate of the month!
Here is some more details;
French Bulldog: https://www.meetup.com/The-Victoria-Park-French-Bulldog-Meet-Up-Group/
Organiser: Hayleigh D. & Blue (Instagram: @bluesbakery)
Next meet up: 25th of feb

frenchie meet up

Dog owners & lovers or meet up organisers, please let us know if you’d like some support for your events, we’re more than happy to discuss things further as we’re always in for some dog love!
(By the way, you don’t necessarily have to be a dog owner to attend those. If you are thinking of adopting a certain breed, these meetups are actually a great opportunity to find out more about your dream dog. Drop the organiser a message before the meet up and let them know about your situation, they will for sure be happy to help)
Feeling inspired for your next visit to a London dog meet up and looking for your next accessory? We’ve got a range of fun, modern and durable dog collars & leads here.
french bulldog meet up

Posted by Purplebone on Tuesday 20th February 2018.