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puppy grooming London

The Welcome Package, Puppy Grooming & Why That Matters

The puppy package is a gentle introduction to grooming for your puppy from 14 weeks to 8 months of age. It is of eminent importance that your puppies first impression of grooming is stress and frustration free. Your dog has a lifetime of grooming ahead and it is therefore our objective to make sure that your puppy enjoys or at best, tolerates to be groomed without too much anxiety. 

In our parlours we like to take our time with your puppy, anything between 1 to 2 hours, in order to get used to the dryers, other dogs, the bath, etc. It is important your dog can explore this new environment and get used to our staff and other canine clients.

You are more than welcome to visit our salons with your puppy and once our consultation with you is concluded, we will let you know once your dog is ready for collection. Can I stay with my dog? The dog needs to concentrate on what’s at hand, a new environment and a whole new world of grooming and preening, your presence will distract your dog, hence we politely request you to explore the gastronomical delights of Notting Hill Gate.

maltese puppy
maltese puppy grooming

To book your puppy grooming session, please visit purplebone.com/grooming here. Scroll down slightly to access the booking app. At first asks you will need to choose a grooming location. Once this has been selected, scroll down and click ‘Puppy Welcome Package’. You’ll then be asked to complete the booking process. For new customers a £25 deposit is now required to secure your booking. Visit us in our London dog stores / grooming parlours here.

What’s Included in Purplebone Puppy Grooming?

As a new client to Purplebone our staff will conduct a consultation to make sure we execute a groom which is not only appropriate for the dog at hand but will also meet your expectations. In this conversation we will enquire after any health issues and might require proof that your dog has all appropriate vaccinations (2nd Vaccination).

The service will include a bath, brushing and drying, to introduce your puppy to our grooming environment. A sanitary area & paw trim to keep them nice and clean. The hair around the eyes can also be trimmed if it is a little long and they are having trouble seeing. Undercoat will be removed if requested and warranted.

puppy dog grooming
maltese grooming london

Our groomers will get your puppy used to having their mouth handled. We will simply, gently open the mouth, move our fingers around the gums and get them accustomed to a “foreign” object in their mouth. This will allow for easier teeth cleaning and overall dental hygiene later in life, be it professionally or at home.

Nail clipping will be introduced as this can often be an area of anxiety for dogs. We will get them used to their paws and nails being touched, along with treats and rewards so your puppy will associate nail clipping with a positive experience. Nail grinding can be applied in case nails are left to sharp after clipping.

Your puppy will have toys to play with and social interaction with our grooming staff and other dogs, all is geared to make sure that your dog has a positive experience and sets the scene for later in life.

How much will my puppy grooming cost?

Our Puppy Welcome Package starts at £45, prices will vary depending on breed and maturity of your puppy. You will also receive a Purplebone treat appropriate for your puppies breed and age.

All puppies MUST have their vaccinations up to date. Puppies can only be admitted to parlour one week after their second vaccination, we may require proof on your first appointment.

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puppy teeth cleaning
maltese grooming near me

Dog breeds, what happens next?

Depending on the breed but broadly speaking your puppy is an adolescent dog after 8 months. Certain breeds like French bulldogs, Labradors beagles are relatively “low maintenance” whilst for cockapoos, cocker spaniels and Pomeranians it is advisable to agree a grooming plan with our senior staff.

Larger breeds like German Shepherds, Huskies or Golden Retrievers have specific requirements and Purplebone is happy to cater for all their and your needs.

cute puppy grooming
cute dog grooming

To book your puppy grooming session, please visit purplebone.com/grooming here. Scroll down slightly to access the booking app. At first asks you will need to choose a grooming location. Once this has been selected, scroll down and click ‘Puppy Welcome Package’. You’ll then be asked to complete the booking process. For new customers a £25 deposit is now required to secure your booking. Visit us in our London dog stores / grooming parlours here.

I've tried multiple groomers in London and Purple Bone is by far the best! They're super reliable and really listen to what you want. My dog is always so well taken care of in there and calm - today when I arrived he was asleep after his groom. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Conveniently located right next to Notting Hill Tube too!
Orlagh B.
13:13 03 May 19
I had a great first experience with purplebone and Billy in particular upon a friend's recommendation. Professional, fast and kind, attentive treatment which is most important as I have a slightly nervous dog. More expensive than other places but I will go back again because of the service.
Suzie K
17:30 26 Mar 19
Good service, fair price, very professional and it seems that our doggies are happy too. We are very pleased that we have discovered this place.
Marina M.
23:17 21 Mar 19
One of the best dog groomers i have ever been to. Really professional staff, very friendly and patient too. Highly recommended.
Emily B.
15:48 21 Mar 19
Amazing job with my very nervous show type cocker spaniel! She was calm and happy, and beautifully groomed when I collected her. Thank you!
Rachel A.
12:52 11 Mar 19
I LOVE the Purplebone spa in Notting Hill! They take the best care of my puppy Ziggi!!!! Exceptional service and they’re so sweet! Xxx
Kiran G.
11:43 20 Feb 19
This is the best grooming salon in London. My dog always looks forward to going back here for shampooing. They are very friendly and also professional to advise me about dogs' treatment.
Yuta H
11:07 20 Feb 19
The team at Purplebone are amazing - they took such great care of my dog and gave him a fantastic cut. If you're looking for a dog groomer - these guys are the best. They also stock a great range of dog accessories.
James A.
13:02 09 Feb 19
So far the BEST groomers in central London. Have been to so many groomers before and Couldn’t be more satisfied with my puppies full groom at purple bone. They take responsibilities very seriously and they’re extremely friendly and caring, highly recommending this place to everyone ❤️❤️❤️
Aysan L
14:25 17 Jan 19
We took Reenie, our Cavapoo puppy, today for her first grooming session at Purplebone (Hillgate). All the staff was very friendly and happy to help. Our groomer Vassilis took care of Reenie and gave her an amazing new haircut! We highly recommend Purplebone for its amazing service and we will definitely come back for Reenie's next grooming session!!Victoria, Paschalis & Reenie
Victoria D.
00:44 17 May 19
These guys turn my hairy beast Denis to the most beautiful dog in the neighborhood!
Madina B.
20:47 16 Apr 19
We visited with my standard poodle puppy just to give him some exposure to the grooming environment, Billy was great with him and did a fantastic job with his wash and blow dry. He smelled great for 3 weeks after the groom. We returned a couple of months later for his first ever big boy cut and specifically requested Billy because he has 3 of his own poodles at home, so knows how to deal with poodle fur. Billy is so experienced and often grooms his dogs for shows. He's so knowledgeable and offered us some really useful advice. If the groom is not what you had hoped for, just say and they will fix it until you're happy - nothing is too much trouble.Purple Bone bent over backwards to get me an appointment that was convenient and are such a friendly bunch of people. So helpful and really put my mind at ease. We will not take our puppy anywhere else. I found them on instagram and they regularly post updates of all their dogs.
Kele D.
12:30 05 Mar 19
Great service, friendly environment and most important good treatment for your love ones 🐕, it is on good and & central location, the stylists are pro and gentle with the dogs, I highly recommend it.Btw they do have good offers on the services. 👌🏼
Carlos P.
20:16 20 Feb 19
Great customer service and a very pleasant experience. Rudolf came home with a great cut and very happy. Will definitely be coming back here for his next grooming.
Omer O.
22:55 14 Dec 18
It is very hard to find a good groomer who actually listens to what you want and delivers exactly that! The only place I am happy to part with my money! My bichon can be very fussy about who she likes, when I come to pick her up from here it’s clear she has had the time of her life. Would highly recommend!! Billy is incredible and I wouldn’t allow anyone else to groom my dogs.
Nicole S.
11:16 30 Nov 18
Pele has been coming to see Billy, since he was 13 weeks old. He loves his visits and comes out looking fabulous every time! Thanks for the face trim, we think he looks even cuter! See you in 3 weeks for wash and blow dry! Purplebone is the best!
Kate B.
20:14 15 Nov 18
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