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Double Coat Dog Grooming at Purplebone

What is a Double Coat in Dogs? Double Coat Dog Grooming at Purplebone

Shedding. Never ending hair falling everywhere. Furniture, flooring, clothing, bedding, it gets in the smallest places and flies onto anything and everything. Excessive shedding is a good indication that you may have a double coated breed of dog on your hands. It is a natural process for the dogs hair to go through and a very important process for overall health.

dog grooming Pomeranian
Pomeranian dog grooming London

To book your dog grooming session, please visit purplebone.com/grooming here. Scroll down slightly to access the booking app. At first asks you will need to choose a grooming location. Once this has been selected, scroll down and click ‘Puppy Welcome Package’. You’ll then be asked to complete the booking process. For new customers a £25 deposit is now required to secure your booking. Visit us in our London dog stores / grooming parlours here.

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What is a double coat?

A double coat is a dog with two types of coats, consisting of an ‘undercoat’ and a ‘top coat. The undercoat is the hair closest to the skin, its thicker, shorter and has a softer texture. It acts a little like a thermal layer, keeping your dog warm during the colder months.

Approaching summer, your dog will ‘blow’ its coat, shedding most of the excess undercoat gained in the winter to get ready for warmer weather to keep them cool. The top coat consists of longer, wiry hairs called ‘guard hairs’. This hair protects the undercoat from getting wet and dirty but also protects the skin against harmful UV sun rays.

These two types of hair are your dogs natural protection, without these coats, it can cause a whole host of problems for your dogs skin and overall health.

Thick coats can trap dirt and heat, making it a breeding ground for bacteria and potential skin irritations.Taking your double coated dog to a groomers is a must. Our grooming staff can take out the undercoat effectively in a short amount of time.

double coat dogs
double coat dogs

Should I cut or shave my dogs double coat?

Dogs have double coats for a reason, it’s their natural protection intended for the colder seasons. It helps regulate their temperature and protect their skin from the elements. Clipping this coat down short can be detrimental to the overall condition of the coat and protection to the skin.

How we groom dogs with an undercoat at Purplebone

Whilst double coated dogs tend to shed lightly all year round, they will ‘blow’ their coat twice a year. You will know when your dog is ready because your dog will have tufts of fur sticking out of his coat, get ready for a big amount of brushing ahead. The best tool to use is an undercoat rake. It may take a while to get through the coat, but use long, smooth strokes along the hair to pull out the dead undercoat.

It can take up to a week to fully remove the undercoat depending on how your dog reacts to being brushed. If this process is tedious for the dog, feeding small treats every 10-15minutes will rewarding any good behaviour.

Once the shampoo is washed out completely, we use our high powered dryers, to blow out most of the undercoat. Our groomers simply dry and brush the rest of the hair out until smooth and sleek. We finish off with a little tidy trim, nail clipping, a good ear clean and a sweet smelling spritz.

Which grooming service should I choose for my double coat dog?

Our Wash and Tidy would be the best service that we provide for dogs with double coats. This is the ideal choice, since we will be able to give them a good brush during the seasons at which dogs blow their coat and in between. Undercoat removal will take place to reveal a beautiful, sleek coat to be proud of.

To book your dog grooming session, please visit purplebone.com/grooming here. Scroll down slightly to access the booking app. At first asks you will need to choose a grooming location. Once this has been selected, scroll down and click ‘Puppy Welcome Package’. You’ll then be asked to complete the booking process. For new customers a £25 deposit is now required to secure your booking. Visit us in our London dog stores / grooming parlours here.

Boo Cut on Pomeranian
Boo Cut on Pomeranian

The Boo Cut…

Pomeranians as seen in our two examples, are a great example of a double coated dog. Seen in the first example, this Pomeranian has grown a beautiful, long, silky coat. Famous American dog, Boo the Pomeranian came to light with a dramatic new haircut, this become known as the ‘Boo cut’, best known for making the dog look a little like a bear. The second Pomeranian as seen in the above and below images, is an example of the Boo cut, groomed in an American parlour.

As cute as you think your dog may look with this cut, the damage done is almost irreversible. Once clipped down to this length, dogs will sport this look for the rest of their life. It may never grow back out to the puffed up traditional style. A Boo Cut will result in a very uneven hair growth, an abnormal growth time and rough textured hair.

Purplebone strongly advises against the Boo Cut, unless the dog has been clipped like this by a previous groomer and now requires maintenance. From our second example above, you can see an uneven growth of the body compared to legs. To give his coat as much help as possible, we will avoid any clipping, trim slightly, wash and brush in the hope that the hair will re-grow eventually even-ing out the length.

Pomeranian dog coat
Pomeranian double cut

Common breeds of double coated dogs

Golden Retriever
German/Japanese Spitz
German Shepherd

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I've tried multiple groomers in London and Purple Bone is by far the best! They're super reliable and really listen to what you want. My dog is always so well taken care of in there and calm - today when I arrived he was asleep after his groom. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Conveniently located right next to Notting Hill Tube too!
Orlagh B.
13:13 03 May 19
I had a great first experience with purplebone and Billy in particular upon a friend's recommendation. Professional, fast and kind, attentive treatment which is most important as I have a slightly nervous dog. More expensive than other places but I will go back again because of the service.
Suzie K
17:30 26 Mar 19
Good service, fair price, very professional and it seems that our doggies are happy too. We are very pleased that we have discovered this place.
Marina M.
23:17 21 Mar 19
One of the best dog groomers i have ever been to. Really professional staff, very friendly and patient too. Highly recommended.
Emily B.
15:48 21 Mar 19
Amazing job with my very nervous show type cocker spaniel! She was calm and happy, and beautifully groomed when I collected her. Thank you!
Rachel A.
12:52 11 Mar 19
I LOVE the Purplebone spa in Notting Hill! They take the best care of my puppy Ziggi!!!! Exceptional service and they’re so sweet! Xxx
Kiran G.
11:43 20 Feb 19
This is the best grooming salon in London. My dog always looks forward to going back here for shampooing. They are very friendly and also professional to advise me about dogs' treatment.
Yuta H
11:07 20 Feb 19
The team at Purplebone are amazing - they took such great care of my dog and gave him a fantastic cut. If you're looking for a dog groomer - these guys are the best. They also stock a great range of dog accessories.
James A.
13:02 09 Feb 19
So far the BEST groomers in central London. Have been to so many groomers before and Couldn’t be more satisfied with my puppies full groom at purple bone. They take responsibilities very seriously and they’re extremely friendly and caring, highly recommending this place to everyone ❤️❤️❤️
Aysan L
14:25 17 Jan 19
We took Reenie, our Cavapoo puppy, today for her first grooming session at Purplebone (Hillgate). All the staff was very friendly and happy to help. Our groomer Vassilis took care of Reenie and gave her an amazing new haircut! We highly recommend Purplebone for its amazing service and we will definitely come back for Reenie's next grooming session!!Victoria, Paschalis & Reenie
Victoria D.
00:44 17 May 19
These guys turn my hairy beast Denis to the most beautiful dog in the neighborhood!
Madina B.
20:47 16 Apr 19
We visited with my standard poodle puppy just to give him some exposure to the grooming environment, Billy was great with him and did a fantastic job with his wash and blow dry. He smelled great for 3 weeks after the groom. We returned a couple of months later for his first ever big boy cut and specifically requested Billy because he has 3 of his own poodles at home, so knows how to deal with poodle fur. Billy is so experienced and often grooms his dogs for shows. He's so knowledgeable and offered us some really useful advice. If the groom is not what you had hoped for, just say and they will fix it until you're happy - nothing is too much trouble.Purple Bone bent over backwards to get me an appointment that was convenient and are such a friendly bunch of people. So helpful and really put my mind at ease. We will not take our puppy anywhere else. I found them on instagram and they regularly post updates of all their dogs.
Kele D.
12:30 05 Mar 19
Great service, friendly environment and most important good treatment for your love ones 🐕, it is on good and & central location, the stylists are pro and gentle with the dogs, I highly recommend it.Btw they do have good offers on the services. 👌🏼
Carlos P.
20:16 20 Feb 19
Great customer service and a very pleasant experience. Rudolf came home with a great cut and very happy. Will definitely be coming back here for his next grooming.
Omer O.
22:55 14 Dec 18
It is very hard to find a good groomer who actually listens to what you want and delivers exactly that! The only place I am happy to part with my money! My bichon can be very fussy about who she likes, when I come to pick her up from here it’s clear she has had the time of her life. Would highly recommend!! Billy is incredible and I wouldn’t allow anyone else to groom my dogs.
Nicole S.
11:16 30 Nov 18
Pele has been coming to see Billy, since he was 13 weeks old. He loves his visits and comes out looking fabulous every time! Thanks for the face trim, we think he looks even cuter! See you in 3 weeks for wash and blow dry! Purplebone is the best!
Kate B.
20:14 15 Nov 18