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Dogs a part of our family & Christmas is a good as time as any to show it!

Dogs a part of our family & Christmas is a good as time as any to show it!

You spend Christmas with your family… that means dog included surely. We talk about our dogs as a member of the family, we feed them, cuddle them and talk to them. Here’s some reasons why dogs are a our (maybe our favourite) family member.

You talk to them

Data has shown that most pet owners find it therapeutic and ultimately relaxing to talk to their pet. They might not understand fully, but they seem to have incredible canny instincts to know when you are down or when you are in trouble (looking at you Lassie). They know you’ve had a bad day and can go out of their way to make you smile or at least comfort you. Do you tell your pup all your deepest darkest secrets or ask them questions? We know we do! We’ve even been noted to say “bless you” on the odd occasion.
dogs at Christmas

Dog presents, birthdays, pricing & budgeting

Pets are expensive no doubt, but it’s a cost many are willing to pay. After all they provide so much benefit into our lives, we’ve found owners always have their pups in mind. Be it presents, a little birthday present, a treat here and there and of course the best dog food a human can buy! We also know your dogs included in your budgeting and daily costing, sometimes getting more toys and treats than you!

Your dog is in major events

It wouldn’t be complete if your dog wasn’t featured in your wedding photos, Christmas cards and of course included when introducing a new partner, a new baby or a new friend. Not to mention you have more photos of your dog on your social media then of yourself. Who wouldn’t want to show off that super cute face, the world should appreciate!

You are devastated when they are ill, hurt or distressed

That anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach that you only reserve for loved ones or family members. Yes, every dog owner gets it too, if your pup has been unwell or is distressed you feel the same worry. They are so accustomed to us, they also get separation anxiety and can also grieve, showing signs of distress. It goes to show, we really and truly love our dogs like family.

They are your biggest comfort

Dog owners have reportedly stunned data and science, showing they’re not only healthier but happier! We wonder why? But Science has continued to show, cuddling or stroking your pet can reduce stress levels and blood pressure. So there’s the science, with discoveries being made everyday. But we already knew our pets were fantastic, incredible, lovable piles of fluff! So what more? Well, let’s just say there’s only one definition to explain this feeling. You come home, open the door and the dogs wagging his tail, licking, jumping and smiling because you’re the best thing in their life and they love to show it!
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Posted by Purplebone on Wednesday 13th December 2017.