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What to add in your dog’s Christmas stocking?

What to add in your dog’s Christmas stocking?

Maybe you opt not to give your dog a big present, but spoil them away with a stocking hung on the fireplace! They are of course a member of the family, so why not? Check out our Stocking Fillers category here. Here are our favourites, just in case you weren’t sure of what to pick.
stocking fillers for dogs


Keep it simple and cute with our Mini Gingerbread man toys! They are just the perfect bite size and come with an adorable squeaky to excite your pup and keep them entertained.
For dogs that love a squeak and are major chewers? Go for our Squeaker dog toy, either in Penguin or Santa! Your choice, they’re great for a fun game of fetch and make a loud squeaking sound for dogs that are happy to chomp on it all day. (Just cover your human’s ears and go for it).
Meet a super cuddly faux fur backed Santa! One in which dogs with sensitive teeth and gums can have a lick of, a gentle chew and a light squeaker. Plus, its just super attractive toy to have on in your home! It looks like it belongs with the rest of the Christmas decorations, trade it in for Candy Cane for dogs that enjoy holding toys in their mouths.
New puppy arriving? Try our smaller bright coloured Happy Carrot, he’s just oh so happy to meet you! He’s small and can provide great stimulation for new puppies. He’s small enough for puppies of all breeds and ages and makes a great toy to teach your dog how to fetch.
Christmas Canvas Dog Toy Bundlegingerbread man toy
Penguin Dog Toy


Flying off our shelves are the delicious Pigs in Blankets, small bite size and 100% natural human grade meat. What free too for those hypo allergenic dogs. It’s a perfect way to get your dog in the mood for Christmas and keep it healthy with no nasty additives or chemicals!
Venison Marrow bones are a classic, they are a great bone chew for dogs that need to be stimulated for an hour or more. Made of pure venison locally sourced, sustainably farmed and 100% natural. Totally gluten and grain free and can help clean your dog’s teeth and gums in a natural way.
This one needs no introduction and has just been a star this season. Neoh & Nobo Dog Peanut butter, super healthy, made fresh and can be enjoyed straight from a spoon. Your dogs will love this one, free from salt, sugar palm oil and any other chemicals. It has added coconut oil to boost your dog’s immune system and digestion. Plus, fill a Kong or any other toy and freeze them for the ultimate dog treat!
Pigs in Blankets Christmas Dog Treats
Neoh & Nobo Peanut Butter Purplebone

Practical Sprays / Shampoos

The last thing you want to be doing over the Christmas break is washing your dog I’m sure. Here’s some items that can help keep your dog smelling nicer and cleaner for longer.
Try these coat sprays for a longer lasting smell, to get rid of the pongy wet dog smell and at an added bonus it’ll make your house smell delicious & bright. Our top favourite scents would have to be Vanilla Bean & Lemongrass or the classic Pomegranate Cucumber! Bring back a touch of the tropical summer with either the Coconut Papaya Dog Coat Spray, or even the Cucumber and Melon.


Blankets are a must have in the cold weather, make sure you’re prepped with one in your car (to cover those car seats) alternatively use them to de-mud your pup after a long walk.
red dog blanket
Christmas Deals?
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