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Dog Treats & Toys Every Month | Your dogs very own subscription box

Dog Treats & Toys Every Month | Your dogs very own subscription box | February 2018

For our lucky subscribers, it is this time of the month, you must have received your Purplebox and it made your and your dog’s weekend!
From what we saw on social media, the personalised boxes made their little effect and so did our products selection.
For our future subscribers, you can still receive this month’s box by subscribing here.
If you’re still wondering whether it is worth or not the subscription, to give you a little idea; all together, February’s box’s is worth just under £50 and so by paying £28 subscription you’ll be saving 42% from the retail prices. If you sign up to 12 months, it’s £24 a month… crazy savings.
dog treat box
Anyway, we’re pretty sure that once you had a look at what’s in this month’s Purplebox, you won’t be able to resist the click;

Purplebone Buster lead

Our Buster lead is red or black checkered and is hand-made in London, with high quality webbing and a comfortable linen fabric, Buster is stylish but also easy to clean & maintain.
dog lead london

Barkaroon Dog Toy

Barkaroon is water (and slobber) resistant and for your dog’s greatest pleasure, it’s squeaky!!! Not only this, but who can resist a pun on a tasty French treat.
barkaroon dog toy


Finally, this month’s box includes 3 different types of treats. Tribal TLC food sample bags, the Chicken and Flaxseed daily dog treats and Bark Bites’ Coconut Crunchy Cones. All three are high in nutrition, contain fresh products and your dog should find them all very different from one another which is quite nice to keep high expectations when it comes to treats.

Rope Rabbit toy

The Pink Rope Rabbit Dog Toy by Purplebone is a 100% cotton rope toy in a cute shape. Great for dogs that like to chew as the rope gently flosses their teeth as they do. By chewing the toy, dogs will clean their teeth with the rope fibres.

Poo Bags

Obviously, we’ve got your back on that one and made sure you don’t run out of poo bags this month so we have included a pack of 4 rolls of 60 bags in the box.

Pet Wipes

The veterinarian tested pet wipes are great to wipe away daily dirt and odour. It is an easy pet care, we love the vanilla and coconut smell of them.

So what do you think? Convinced? You can receive this month’s box until the last day of the month by subscribing here.
Our lovely Instagram doggies, keep hashtagging #purplebox and tagging us on your pictures when you receive the box. We absolutely love seeing the smiles on your dog faces next to our boxes.
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Posted by Purplebone on Wednesday 14th February 2018.