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Dog Peanut Butter Review | Neoh and Nobo Treats

Dog Peanut Butter Review | Neoh and Nobo Treats

It’s been flying off our shelves & I’m sure our clients have been loving it and that’s not just the dogs!
Introducing Neoh & Nobo
Neoh & Nobo prize themselves on simplicity, naturalness and a focus on maintaining a healthy well-being for dogs! Inspired by the benefits of botanical ingredients their ethos is centred around the simplicity derived from nature. Everything they craft is from nature and used in it’s purest form, so you can trust that everything from the company is safe for your dogs to eat (and for us too!)
The Dogs Peanut Butter
We all love to spoil our dogs with one of our favourite treats, but the salt & sugar composition in our Peanut butter can be pretty deadly for dogs – especially those with sensitive stomachs or specific dietary requirements. Welcome – Neoh & Nobo’s Dogs Peanut Butter! Completely salt & sugar free, super charged nutty flavour and made with just 3 ingredients.
Neoh & Nobo Peanut Butter Purplebone
Keeping it simple really is the key! Every dog we tested The Dog’s Butter on, went absolutely mad for it, jumping up for a lick of this delicious treat and consistently coming back for more.
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Peanut Butter can provide some key benefits for dogs, including Vitamin E, Vitamin H and Biotin & Vitamin B. Vitamin H can help keep your dogs coat shiny, healthy and also keep their skin in tip top shape! Vitamin E on the other hand can aid in keeping your dog’s immune system healthy – perfect for fighting against diseases, illness and sickness. Other key benefits from Peanut Butter can include Omega-3 fatty acids, to help reduce high cholesterol.
Neoh and Nobo Dog Peanut Butter Purplebone
Include this in your dogs daily treat in new and interesting ways. All you need is a good kong or chew toy and freeze your Neoh & Nobo peanut butter overnight for a hard core chew. Keep your dogs healthy & happy with this treat.
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What else do Neoh and Nobo make you may say? They have a range of dog biscuits including these, the Butternut & Vanilla Bean.
Neoh and Nobo biscuits Purplebone
Tuesday August 15th 2017