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How to have a Christmas Photoshoot with your dog!

How to have a Christmas Photoshoot with your dog!

How to have a Christmas Photoshoot with your dog!

How to have a Christmas Photoshoot with your dog.
Come on, we all know we do it. So here’s our top tips on how to reuse old Christmas decorations to make the best Christmas photo shoot ever!
Treats in hand, be prepared for a little DIY & some Christmas fun. Boil the kettle and let’s get started.


That’s right, you really love Christmas & so does your pooch. Go all out by getting Christmas hats, jumpers and of course throwing it all in the mix for the ultimate Doggy Xmas photo-shoot.
Check our Christmas shop on an variety of items that can really bump up your Christmas photo-shoot if all else fails. Our favourites have to be the Fair isle Jumper, Tartan Bowtie & Elf hat.

Use Ribbon

Keep it simple, by using old wrapping and packaging. Nothing is more beautiful and simple than wrapping a standard red bow or placing a ribbon on your pup’s head or neck! I mean what else says Christmas more then that?
If all else fails, check out our Tartan Bow Ties to add a more permanent Christmas cheer!
christmas ribbon dogs

Use an old Scarf

We all have one in the cupboard and it’s a great way to match your pup too! Throw on matching Tartan scarves for that added extra touch. Plus, who said dogs don’t want to be stylish? Plus if you’re real good at the DIY, feel free to whip out a good knitted one or even slice and dice old fabric to make a dog scarf!
dog christmas photoshoot

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are simple, beautiful and effective. Switch off the lights and add an extra moody Christmas cheer by wrapping your pup in Christmas lights. Please be aware of the heat they give off and make sure to check it’s not causing discomfort to your pup throughout.
Feeling extra festive, try a rainbow light or contrast it against the colour of your pups coat.
dog wrapped up

Christmas Wreaths

Try a Nordic touch by placing a Christmas wreath around the neck of your pup or hanging up behind them. Super elegant, super effective plus it’s super Christmassy! Great way to recycle an old wreath or your current one, check it fits comfortably over your dog’s neck first & familiarise your pup with the wreath before doing so. Also please don’t allow your dog to nibble or chew on any pine needles, they can be toxic to dogs, if ingested.
dog christmas wreath
Browse for your perfect Christmas set up in our Christmas shop here.
Posted on Wednesday 6th December 2017 by Purplebone