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Dog Beds | ‘Maui’ Our Newest Arrival

‘Maui’ Our Newest Arrival – Everything you need to know!

Introducing the Maui, our latest in luxury dog beds! Make sure your dog is ever comfortable whilst waiting for you. Provide the ultimate nesting spot this Winter.

Bring this stunning dark navy diamond patterned bed into your home, the ultimate bedtime companion for dogs of any size, plus it makes a great statement piece! Perfect for savvy dog owners who really look for lifestyle pieces to compliment their home interior.

maui dog bed

Shop the ‘Maui’ dog bed here.

The Maui bed is made of an extra soft cotton mix blend, with a removable cover & removable internal cushion. The perfect fabric blend and zipper exterior makes it an easy wash for muddy paws and easy to pop in your washing machine. Update this bed in the summer by removing the internal cushion and replacing with cold gel pads or cooling towels.

The Maui fabric is a fantastic bed choice for dogs with sensitive skin, sore elbows or leaning sores. With higher sides in comparison to our original beds, the Maui can provide fantastic pillow support for dogs that need to lean their heads to sleep (thinking about our wonderful Bulldog breed clientele!). It can also be a great add on for dog duos that are looking for a snug bed to share.

diamond printed dog bed

Shop the ‘Maui’ dog bed here.

Handmade in the UK, we make sure our beds are made and stuffed with the utmost quality, comfortability and long lasting stitching in mind. Finished with a leather Purplebone tag, just to prove we look into every lasting detail. We’ve trialled and tested this bed with our HQ dogs and even with the human staff, let’s just say they fell in love with the soft fabric and even more so with the super bouncy padding.

luxury dog bed

Shop the ‘Maui’ dog bed here.

Available in 3 sizes and large enough to fit 2 smaller dogs comfortably.

Daisy and Dora are seen pictured in the size medium Maui bed.

Small: Length 56cm (22in) | Width 51cm (20in) | Height 18cm (7in)

Medium: Length 83cm (33in) | Width 66cm (26in) | Height 22cm (9in)

Large: Length 95cm (38in) | Width 82cm (32in) | Height 28cm (11in)

Accessorise your bed with a suitably fitting fleece blankets in four variations.

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