What Are The Best Treats for your dog's teeth

What Are The Best Treats for your dog's teeth

We all want the best for our dogs and we go out of our way to feed them the best possible diet, buy them the comfiest beds and the most exciting toys. But one area that often gets left behind is the treats that we give them.

It’s fairly common knowledge these days that dog’s should not be eating the same kind of treats that humans eat. If you have been feeding chocolate or crisps or any other type of human snack to your dog, please stop doing this immediately as these snacks can be harmful to dogs. We would urge you to take a look at our range of healthy dog treats which are designed specifically to maximise the healthy benefits for your dog while still being a tasty treat that they can enjoy. 

When choosing the right type of snack or treat for your pet, many dog owners ask the question, what are the healthiest treats for dogs? Of course, we recommend our own range of natural dog treats which are not just snacks, they're organic, ethical and locally sourced, and help to support a healthy, well-balanced diet.

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What are the best treats for small dogs 

For the average dog, the yak milk chews and the split antlers are the best chew treat that you can choose. Dogs will chew down on these to take off small pieces to eat and even small dogs can enjoy them, the more the Yak milk chews are chewed the softer they become. They can last quite a few days and some dogs like to bury them and come back to find them again later just like a real bone.

Yak chews are very easy for dogs to digest, even dogs that have problems with their digestive system can eat them easily. And because they are completely natural they provide essential nutrients such as protein for growth and development, magnesium for healthy muscles and joints, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium which your dog needs to stay healthy. 

Venison bones are another great choice of treat for small or average size dogs. They are made up of Protein; Oil; Fat and Fibre which contribute to a balanced diet. If your dog is not used to eating venison, you can introduce them to it slowly so it doesn’t upset their digestive system.If your dog is known for having a sensitive stomach then we suggest avoiding venison bones. 

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What are the best treats for large dogs?  

For larger dogs that make light work of the yak chews and venison bones then you can choose marrow bones. The marrow bones  rich source of protein, zinc, iron and selenium, the Venison products also have excellent omega 3 qualities and are low in cholesterol and fat. The bones also provide an excellent source of phosphorus and calcium for teeth and bone growth and just like all our natural dog treats provide an excellent way to protect against plaque and tartar. 

What are the best treats for puppies?

Puppies love to chew and giving them healthy treats to chew can help to stop them chewing items around the home while they are teething as well as providing an essential part of their diet. Deer Antlers are a great choice for puppies and as the marrow is soft enough for them to chew easily. Our Yak snacks are made of natural yak and cow milk and are also a good choice for puppies.

What are the best treats for older dogs?

Older dogs often don’t have the chewing power of their younger counterparts and need a softer yet just as enjoyable treat. An ideal selection for the older dog is our luxurious grade soft liver dog treats. These are both easy to chew and easy to digest and can provide a lot of enjoyment for your senior pet. Liver is also full of essential vitamins and can help to cleanse the toxins out of the blood and support healthy vision. As well as these the yak chews and deer antlers are also great options for older dogs. 

Healthy snacks and treats are an important part of your dog’s diet and overall health and well being. Chewing, much like brushing their teeth, helps to fight against plaque and tartar and although isn’t a complete replacement for brushing can go a long way in preventing canine dental issues. If you are concerned about your dog’s dental health or just want to make sure they get the best preventative care then we offer an ultrasound teeth cleaning service if you are local to our grooming parlours. 

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