Dog Teeth Cleaning with Ultrasound

Dog Teeth Cleaning with Ultrasound

The Most Effective Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Our state-of-the-art hygiene technology performs better than manual, sonic, electric and rotating toothbrushing.

Tooth & Gum Cleaning, Tartar Removal – No Anaesthetic Risk

We clean your dogs teeth and gums protecting them from caries and inflammation in the gums. This prevents diseases like Gingivitis which can lead to Periodontitis. Extreme cases of Periodontitis can then lead to damage of the kidney, liver and heart.

Save On £££ Veterinarian Bills

Our service costs £50 for all sized dogs. Vet bills for teeth cleaning can cost up to £400.

Whiter Teeth

One cleaning session will whiten the teeth, however we do recommend multiple sessions to start seeing noticeable differences.

Freshens Breath, A Highly Efficient, Antibacterial Deep Clean

Ultrasound reaches the smallest spaces, crevices, cracks and gaps and cleans where conventional toothbrush bristles cannot reach.

Cleans Without Movement, Vibration or Noise

Ultrasound cleans without brush movement. It is extremely gentle and beneficial for sensitive teeth and gums.

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