Top Tips for Halloween for dogs!

This is Howloween and all for a bit of fun, we couldn’t be more excited. The weather has yet to show a sprinkling of Autumn chill and frosted grass but we are spotting the odd orange and red leaves here and there. So have a gander at our top tips to join in on this creative holiday.

Costume Ideas

It’s time to get creative, that’s for sure! First things first, use what you can to your advantage. Sometimes something as simple as taking your dogs breed and colour can inspire the most effective costume ideas. Black for bats and spiders and white for unicorns, candy floss and more! We’ve even seen a few good “Frenchie Fries” and even a very French “Pom(eranian) frites”

There’s no need to buy a store made costume, sometimes it’s as simple as using what’s around the house. Recycle old teddies, old children’s Halloween costumes or even left over fabric and knit to create bit of fun. Discarded children’s clothing can make for a great costume, look out for baby hats, bonnets and children’s toys as props.

Join the community

No matter where you are in London, or the UK there are tons of great events you can participate in. New York is infamous for its Tompkins Square Halloween Parade – watch out for the incredible photos to follow. 

If in an area where there’s not much happening! Why not organise your very own charity costume dog walk, or even a Halloween party with Sweet Potato treats and Frozen Pumpkin cubes work well too.

Keep safe

  • Try and walk your dog before dark, strange costumes and new people can be scary and unwelcoming to dogs.

  • Feed your dog before fireworks begin, loud noises and fireworks can cause distress to dogs and cause them to be unwell or vomit. Try and feed them a few hours before the festivities begin.

  • Provide your dog a safe quiet, hiding place to move away from loud noises and people.

  • Don’t leave your dog alone in the garden throughout Halloween night, sweets and chocolate can appear in the strangest of places.

  • Be cautious when opening doors to trick or treaters, some dogs can think of this as a quick escape.

  • Keep human treats, chocolates and sweets away! Lots of these high sugar treats can be deadly to dogs as well as the wrappers they come in.

But most of all remember to have fun!

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