Ultrasound The Most Effective Teeth Cleaning Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Ultrasound The Most Effective Teeth Cleaning Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Our ultrasound toothbrushes are state-of-the-art hygiene technology. It cleans simply better than any manual, electric or rotating brushing method.

The ultrasound hygiene treatment method is soundless, vibrationless and motionless. It’s the best option to achieve great dental hygiene for dogs. The dog simply has to open its mouth and that is all to it. Your dog will have no added stress or frustration, every session will take an approximate 30 minutes.

Sessions can be booked separately or as part of any other grooming treatment here.

No anaesthetic risk whilst removing tartar from teeth

Purplebone is a groomer and hygienist, unlike veterinarians all our treatments are without anaesthetic.  Through ultrasound cleaning of teeth and gums we remove tartar.  Good maintenance of the teeth aims to prevent caries and inflammation of the gums.  Gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, which is damage of kidney, liver and heart.

Having your dog’s teeth cleaned in a non-invasive manner by ultrasound is part of a good grooming regime which is aimed on prevention and protection of teeth.  Great breath is proof of a healthy dog’s mouth.

Save On £££ Veterinarian Bills

Our ultrasound dog’s dental hygienic service costs £ 50 per session for dogs of all sizes.  This is substantially more cost effective compared to the cost of a veterinarian.

In the event our staff finds loose teeth, warts or any other anomaly in the dog’s mouth, you will be made aware of our findings. We will always advise you to consult your veterinarian for further advise.

Whiter Teeth

Our teeth cleaning sessions will whiten the teeth, some dog’s teeth will whiten better than others.   In most cases your dog will need multiple sessions to bring the teeth back to a proper hygienic standard.  You will start seeing noticeable differences after some sessions and your dog’s teeth will be cleaner, fresher and whiter. 

Freshens Breath

The Purplebone dog dental hygiene method with ultrasound brushing cleans in the smallest spaces, crevices, crack and gaps.  We simply go further than a conventional finger bristled tooth brush.  We get to the molars in the back of the mouth, it is a great help if your dog is accustomed to having its teeth brushed by you.

Brushing your dog’s teeth every day is an excellent practise.  Not only for dental hygiene but also for your dog to get used of having a ‘foreign” object in its mouth.  Finger tooth brushes and meat flavoured toothpaste can clean to a limited extend.

Our gentle approach is beneficial for your dog’s health and for your finances.

Smelly breath or halitosis can be caused by bacteria in the dog’s mouth.  Cleaning the teeth regularly by Ultrasound toothbrush will help to deal with halitosis. Plaque on the teeth will cause not only your dog’s breath to stink but can cause periodontal disease. 

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