Dog Boutiques & Why We Think You will Love Our London dog shops

Dog Boutiques & Why We Think You will Love Our London dog shops

We’ve seen the trends and the news reporting that retail is slowly winding down but we’re approaching the one time of the year when it’s all about high street shopping! You know it, the festive season, be it gift buying, presents, sales or the general holiday vibe it just gets people in the mood for a gander down the high street.

Our Notting Hill store is where it all started over 8 years ago, our Directors being avid dog owners and lovers (with 4 dogs in tow, Dora, Sophia, Phoebe & Daisy) knew the UK really lacked behind when it came to Dog Boutiques in comparison to New York and wanted to bring excitement, innovative products and good quality to the UK. We like to think we’re leading the way now when it comes to the best of the best dog products and will always prize UK made and handmade products first, we also make sure any of the food and treats in which we supply has no rawhide, no nasty additives and of course no nasty chemicals too. Most of our toys are developed, designed and tested by our HQ team here in London, we like a flare for the creative and colourful and prefer to bring you the latest items that are unique to us.

Between our two shops, we also cater for grooming, we want to be your one stop shop for anything Dog in London. Grooming is just a part of your everyday lifestyle as a dog owner & don’t we know it, that also means our staff are trained to not just know about dog products but also grooming and what can work best for your best friend.

The heart of our business lies with our loyal and dedicated clients, we create relationships through our grooming and thanks to our wonderful shops we’ve loved having the chance to meet many more! Most of our clients will tell you they come back consistently every month and have been our clients for years.

Stop for a blow dry, leave with a new dog coat, in case you need to brace yourself for the Winter weather (this is London after all). We’ve had visits from celebrities, cuddles from insta famous dogs and of course parades of children on their way home just curious about our latest toys.


Our small boutiques make for a perfect stop by for dog lovers & tourist dog owners alike, happening by Notting Hill. Try our latest garments, or test a treat but of course always feel free to come in and say hello!

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