Billy Purplebone Senior Dog Groomer Introduces the Purplebone Dog Shampoo Range

Billy Purplebone Senior Dog Groomer Introduces the Purplebone Dog Shampoo Range

This week’s lifestyle’s blogpost is dedicated to something we do very well and don’t think of sharing enough with you; grooming and dog shampoo.

We went to our Notting Hill parlour (visit us) and aske our dear groomer Billy a few questions about the activity and products; Billy is our senior groomer at Purplebone, Notting Hill. He has been practicing for three years and is now also teaching the activity to future groomers.

What’s your favourite thing about grooming?

Billy: “The artistic side is what I love the most. It allows me to be creative, not a single day on the job is like another, actually I don’t even call it my job but my passion!
The diversity of breeds, styles and cuts brings challenge and variety to the activity, there is always space for improvement and creativity!”

What’s your favourite cut?

Billy: “The Asian Fusion style is my favourite. This style makes dogs look like teddy bears. Poodles and Schnauzers are great breeds to work with as this style looks great on them. But obviously I like grooming all dog breeds as I love all dogs!”

What’s your favourite product?

Billy: “Purplebone new shampoos are by far the best products we had the chance to work with. After use, greasy hair become clean and soft. They are great moisturisers and dogs actually look clean and moisturised after bathing. The touch is better for us and on dogs’ coat. I also love the foam they create, it makes the whole bathing experience better and more enjoyable for you and the dog. Lastly, they smell so good we had a lot of compliments from dog owners!”

The Shampoos

Our lovely new dog shampoo range has been developed into home-size bottles. Targeting those seeking a purplebone grooming experience without stepping foot into one of our parlours.
As London’s number one dog grooming parlour, we thought it silly not to share the shampoos we have been using in our grooming parlours for the past 8 years.
The three shampoos include:
OatmealThanks to its coconut and sweet almond oil combination is, as our head groomer remarks, the best shampoo for sensitive dog coats.

Passion Flower & Kiwi Deep Clean. Deep Clean combines kiwi, passion flower, peach and pear fruit extracts, ideal for deodorising even the smelliest creature.

Tea Tree. Tea Tree is composed of natural oils such as tea tree and peppermint oil, perfect to change dull looking coat into glossy!


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