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Is "Doggy Breath" Normal? And Steps to Improve Your Dogs Bad Breath

Doggy breath is a pretty common problem, so common in fact that many dog owners wonder if it is in fact normal. Today we will explain why doggy breath is not normal and how you can improve your dog’s bad breath in a few easy ways.

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Dogs love to show affection to their owners by licking and kissing them but when your dog has bad breath, nothing can in fact be worse than the loving attention your pet wants to give you. 

Bad breath is often caused by poor oral hygiene just like it is in humans. Giving your pet healthy dog chews is one way to prevent bad breath and another way is regularly cleaning their teeth. You can buy a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste and clean his teeth yourself or include it as part of a package when you visit your local dog grooming parlour.

A great way to help with your dog’s bad breath is to book them in for an ultrasound teeth cleaning session. This procedure is totally safe and can be completed without the need for anaesthetic. It takes just 30 minutes and has many benefits including whiter teeth and fresher breath.

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As well as being loveable, dogs can also have some bad snacking habits. If your dog regularly gets into the dustbin, or he is one of those dogs that seems to love cat poop then his bad breath could be the result of his extracurricular diet. As if cat poop wasn’t bad enough, some dogs eat their own poop or the poop of other dogs, so it’s definitely something to watch out for if you can’t find any other reasonable explanation for your dog’s bad breath. 

Some dog food smells worse than others so it may well be worth checking the brand or flavours that you are giving to your dog and see if you can find something with a more pleasant odour. You can even consider switching to dry foods only or introduce some healthy treats for your dog.

There are also some more serious medical conditions which may be causing your dog’s bad breath so if you have already ruled out the possibilities we mentioned above then it may be time for a trip to the vet.

Hopefully your dog doesn’t have any of these serious conditions but it’s always best to get checked out! If your dog’s bad breath has a sweet or fruity smell to it, then it’s possible that your dog may have diabetes. Other symptoms include more frequent drinking and urination. If you suspect that your dog may have diabetes then don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your vet. 

A urine odor to your dog’s breath could indicate kidney disease and definitely needs a consultation with your vet. Kidney disease is serious and could also be a symptom of a larger medical problem. 

If your dog’s breath is really bad and she is also vomiting, not eating, and has a yellow tinge to her gums, she may have a liver problem. Make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.  

The simplest way to treat and prevent bad breath in dogs is to brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis. This will reduce plaque and promote better oral hygiene, much as it does in humans, and with a little practice, most dogs learn to enjoy having their teeth brushed.

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