Our Favourite Healthy DIY Dog Treat Recipes

Our top picks for healthy dog treats!

Who knows what is in dog food at the moment? Every time we turn a page we see another horror story, be it – bad meat to how grain is bad for your dog. Allergy causing chemicals and god knows what.

So we’re focusing this week on the healthy treats you can make at home, with simple ingredients most kitchens hold! (Please check with your Vet if your dog has any allergies or specialist dietary requirements)

Grain-Free Sweet Potato Dog Treats (Grain free)

Sweet potatoes are super safe for dogs and can provide a huge range of health benefits! Perfect for digestive health, low in fat and a rich powerful antioxidant thanks to their beta-carotene contents. This one’s a no brainer.

View the recipe.

Coconut Delight Dog Biscuits

Coconut oil is all the rage, everyone we know is either applying it to their skin or drinking the coconut water. The good news is; you can add this special trend into your dogs diet too. It’s great to make coats sleek & also know to improve digestion. Plus you can use the excess to rub into any dry areas on your pups (paws, pressure sores and dry noses).

View the recipe.

No Bake Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Dog Treats

I mean, don’t all dogs just adore peanut butter? Peanut butter can provide your dog with some vitamin, nutrients and antioxidants that are scarce in certain dog foods. Vitamin E & Vitamin B, it is also a wonderful source of essential heart-healthy fats and protein! Pumpkin on the other hand can be great to reduce diarrhoea & a good source of zinc , perfect to improve any dogs skin or coat.

View the recipe.

Frozen Apple Dog Treat Recipe

Frozen dog treats are a must have for Summer, a great way to cool your pups down & add a healthy munch to their day! Keep it simple with this recipe, apples are low calories, good for any dogs on a diet! They’re also great for keeping dog’s breath fresh & low in protein for any ageing dogs or pups with health issues.

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Breath Freshening Dog Treats (Grain free)

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean & breath fresh can be a bother. Try this recipe, which is a home made version including some great ingredients for digestive health. Bad breath can be a sign of underlying health problems, so please keep a keen eye (or nose) on your dogs gum health.

View the recipe

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