Some Top Tips For The Vote #dogsatpollingstations

Some Top Tips For The Vote #dogsatpollingstations

Paw-litics – Some top tips as we vote #dogsatpollingstations

It’s voting season! We’re not here to tell you who to vote for but we hope you definitely join in with the social trend of #dogsatpollingstations !

Taking photos of dogs at polling stations has become tradition and is now a staple part of any vote in the country as we all come together. Plus it adds some nice added cuddles whilst you vote & makes a great added addition for any social media savvy dog owners.

So here’s some tips on how to make the most of it and how to keep your pooch safe whilst voting!
1. Leads, collars & designated waiting places.

Please make sure your dog is properly adorned, just as you would on a walk! A good collar & leash is a must, as a majority of polling stations reside on main roads.
According to the Metro (link). You are allowed to bring your dog into the polling station.

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2. Don’t forget to have fun!

Please also be wary, not all members of the public are dog fans and if you choose to bring your pup with you, please make sure you can control them if need be. Please also make sure your pup is secured well, outside any polling station.

3. Friends & family are important

Many dogs can get upset when leashed outside on their own & for security reasons, it’s important that if you are voting with family or friends, we advise to leave one person with your pooch as you pop in to vote.

4. Be wary of the weather

We’ve had a bit of a hot spell recently and just in case it takes you a little longer than usual to get your vote in, make sure you pup always has access to shade, or water for a quick cool off!

We already know the benefits dogs can have! From health to reducing stress levels, we’re sure your pups will bring some added humour & take some of the pressure off voters’ tomorrow. Be prepared for lots of smiles, photos and cuddles.

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