Taking care of your dog at Notting Hill Carnival

If you live in Notting Hill area, you know what’s happening this weekend! For those Londoners who don’t it’s best to leave your pooch at home. But we’ll share some top tips how to join in without having to bring your dog to carnival!

Travelling with your dog at & around Carnival

Safety of your pooch is number 1, we know it can be a total blast to bring your dog everywhere with you, they are our best friend. But if you are unsure about where you’ll be headed and planning to visit the centre of the crowds or places with speakers and music – this might not be the best place for any dog. Please remember dogs can hear about 40 times better then us and can be startled by drums, loud speakers and more.

Festival food can be unhealthy & even dangerous for your pets. Be aware there will be a lot of discarded food around carnival streets, most likely with high sugar or spicy contents. Avoid if you can.

Police dogs & more.

The Met has mentioned several times that dogs & crowds should not mix, if you own a dog that people can be intimidate people or viewed as potentially dangerous please be aware the Police will probably ask you to remove them from the event.

You live in the area throughout the Carnival, how do you keep your pup safe?

Some dog’s can get nervous and tend to attempt to stray away from their homes when frightened or affected by noises and large crowds. If planning to leave your dog at home and you are within the Notting Hill Carnival area, please make sure they are somewhere safe & secure and have the ability to retire to a quieter room to escape loud sounds or people.

Make sure they have plenty of water, toys & comfort. Just as you would go out for any long period, make sure your pup is well supplied with anything it might need and someone is popping in to make sure they are comfortable throughout the day.

The best option is to hold them up with a friend or family member outside of the affected area for the night. A familiar friend, place and smell can be a great comfort and your designated nanny can make sure they stay within their routine as much as possible.

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