An Interview with DOG magazine's Editor in Chief

An Interview with DOG magazine's Editor in Chief

Dog Mag launched 2016, and since then we’ve been utterly obsessed. We love to see the creative world meet the dog world, who said dog owners weren’t the most stylish of them all eh? We'll have a little sneak peek preview as we had an exclusive chat with Julian Victoria – Editor in Chief behind this creative dog bible!

What inspired you to begin Dog Mag? 

I’ve always had a passion for independent magazines, I love how there are so many amazing magazines for any topic, hobby or style you are into. Photography, illustration and the tone of certain publications have always been an ideal of mine. I wanted to take this ethos and mix it with my other passion – dogs.

How do you decide which breed to focus on & why?

I’ve always been fascinated with breeds, dogs come in a variety of sizes, shapes and origin. Origin plays a huge role in investigating a breed’s history. I have to have a connection with both of these elements for me to consider which breed is applicable. The breed has to have and tell a story, this is what invigorates the magazine as a whole. There is no point to just pretty pictures of dogs without a story to tell.

What can we look forward to seeing in the future issues?

We want to introduce a whole spectrum of dog breeds that people are not familiar with. On the other hand, we also want to present breeds that every one does know, in new and exciting ways, how many of us can really tell the story of the Labradors history? We want to highlight the breeds history and how they came to be today.

What are your top tips with photographing & working with dogs? 

Dog’s are amazing to work with. Full stop. My only tip which consistently works, is to just let the dog be dog. You have to work around them, the moment you ask them to stay, pose or sit the dog will get agitated and this will reflect in your photos.

You live in London, what would you recommend to any dog owner/dog lover living in the city?  

To just get out there! Don’t be shy, explore the different parks this city has to offer. You will meet so many interesting people, that you’d never consider in everyday life. It’ll surprise you how nice and cool dog people & dog owners are.

What is your favourite story within Dog Mag so far? 

My all time favourite story is She Won’t Bite by Laura Feasey. It was our first story submission & featured as the first story in our Launch Issue.

Favourite top brands (dog included) at the moment? 

At the moment, I am feeling inspired by ceramic works, so I became a member of Turning Earth. An amazing skill to learn and check out. Otherwise I am also a big fan of magazine like Mincho, The Gourmand, Monocle & Printed Pages. Perfumer H for your signature scent. Elegant brands such as Papier Tigre from Paris for Stationary and of course you can never go wrong with Mr. Porter for anything in your wardrobe.

Who’s your favourite dog celeb/dogstagram?

On Instagram it would have to be @palomaparrot her photography is wonderful & so is her dog! Also I love @david_pearl & his Dalmatian as well as @thejonnysmith for his original collage work.


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