What's safe on your Christmas table, that your dog can and can't eat!

What's safe on your Christmas table, that your dog can and can't eat!

It’s a YES for these ingredients

Can’t go wrong with Turkey, your dog can enjoy this one happily. Please be wary if you’ve used Garlic or other ingredients that can sometimes cause discomfort in sensitive or allergic prone dogs. Take off any cooked bones! Just in case.

Cranberry Sauce
Cranberries are OK but please give smaller amounts and this only applies to Pure cranberry sauce. Anything pre-made can sometimes contain sweeteners, other fruits and the very deadly sugar replacement – Xylitol.

This can be a great little filler over Christmas, but please only try and give your dog boiled or mashed plain potatoes. Moderation is important for this one, cos Potatoes can provide some nutrients but can be very starchy. Try to avoid any potatoes with herbs, spices or salts.

Carrots, parsnips, green beans, broccoli and the rest are fine! (In small amounts) of course. Plain & boiled is best! No butter, no corn and no bulb vegetables such as onions and leeks.



It’s a NO for these

Please always check with your veterinarian before giving your dogs bone. But generally hollow, cooked bones can easily splinter and cause punctures. Especially bones from Turkey and smaller leg or thigh bones.

God we love Gravy & I bet your dog loves the smell too. But of course Gravy constitute of a lot of salt, onions and fat that some dogs will struggle to digest. Most dogs will prefer their dinner without the gravy anyway, add some warm water or plain stock if they need something to soften their dinner.

Onions & Garlic
Onions are poisonous to dogs! That includes variants such as onion powder (found in gravy!). Garlic is not toxic for your dog, but in large quantities can cause some stomach upsets and other issues.

This one’s a no! Sorry guys, we know how delicious it is. But a mixture of breadcrumbs, onions, salt and spices is a mixture for disaster for any dog.

Mince pies
Raisins are 100% lethal to dogs and most of these festive treats contain dried fruits, spices and sometimes alcohol! Check out our blog to make “dog safe” versions of Mince pies, so they don’t miss out.

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