Pre-prepped ideas for #BringYourDogToWorkDay

Pre-prepped ideas for #BringYourDogToWorkDay

Bring Your Dog To Work Day is slowly approaching & we’re super excited. We bet you are too! But before you start rushing into the office, dog treats galore, there are some things to consider, have a little read of our top tips.

Speak to your employer & draft a dog policy!

Even if you plan to keep your dog on the leash & safely tucked under your desk, you do need to speak to your HR department. Ask about the relevant health & safety policies, do check with co-workers in regards to allergies or possible fears. Be prepared for questions (Is your dog well behaved & house trained?)

Prep the workplace.

Make sure your dog will feel comfortable by prepping the office – Start by making sure there is a designated personal area they can head to if stressed or noise levels reach an all time high. Bring a bed, blanket and a selection of toys to keep them stimulated. Always bring leads (poo bags is a must!) and treats, a water bowl and anything else you think your pooch might need. It’s also worth considering your work place too – dog proof cables with tape, make sure there isn’t any possible trash the pup could get into or any other dangers! (Be wary of office plants).


Dog Training & good manners

We love our pups, but not everyone does! When meeting new people, be prepared on how to teach and handle how your pups react, barking incessantly or jumping might not be a standard day in the office for some. Treats at the ready, aim to get your dog somewhere comfortable where it can hold a sitting or lying position. Reinforcing this training before introducing them to an office environment will only help aid your argument in bringing your dog to work.

Nominate a dog buddy!

Dogs don’t work to our schedule sadly and they won’t be interested when you’re off to very important meetings! It’s worth nominating a dog buddy in the office, someone who can keep an eye out for them whilst you’re away from your desk. Dog buddies should have met & been introduced to your pup at an earlier date so they are comfortable beforehand.

Location – Pee-breaks & schedule

It’s a good idea to have a little scan of your area, are the local gardens/greenery dog friendly? Being well prepared in case of emergencies is always a good idea. If not, make sure you know your exits for quick access. A walk to a local park would be ideal, a place where your pooch can stretch their legs from the weary day of work!

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