Alabama Rot Dog Disease - What You Need To Know

Alabama Rot Dog Disease - What You Need To Know

What exactly is Alabama Rot & what do I need to know?

Alabama Rot is fatal in 9 out of 10 dogs. That’s a high statistic! It isn’t discriminatory to any dog breed and can be found any where in the UK. A total of 102 dogs have caught the unstoppable infection since 2012.

What symptoms do I need to look out for?

Symptoms include – Skin Lesions, ulcers or sores not caused by any known past injury. They can appear on the legs, body, mouth or tongue, dogs are known to lick at the sores. Within days, dogs can get symptoms of acute kidney injury (vomiting, reduced hunger and unusual tiredness). As soon as you see these symptoms please reach out to your Vet as soon as possible, most dog owners report their pets died just after a week of symptoms first appearing.


How can I avoid CRGV?

Cases of CRGV have been reported across many different areas in the UK & although they are not advising dog owners to avoid any particular locations there are warning in regards to marsh areas and to wash your dog’s legs as soon as they dive into such areas.

When is CRGV most prevalent?

Over the last 3 years, reports that the largest cases have been seen between November & May, then June & October, suggesting it is possibly affected by Winter/Spring seasonality.

Winter – Spring: November to May – 55 cases (93%)

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