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Dog Blankets | Why dog blankets are the next big thing

Dog Blankets | Why dog blankets are the next big thing

Dog Blankets | Why dog blankets are the next big thing

For so long, we’ve been focused on designer dog accessories, jackets and clothing! But we’re tapping into the next upcoming trend and it’s been a major staple in our dog shops for a long time and all time favourite with our clients! Welcome the era of the dog blanket.

Why do I need a dog blanket you say?

Here’s some reasons why a dog blanket is an essential to any new dog owners, or seasonal dog owner’s repertoire.
First & foremost, dog blankets are great for travel! Keep them secure and neatly rolled in your car for colder weather and they make great chair and boot covers for those muddy nasty wet paws throughout the rainy season. More over they can be a great warmer when you have a wet dog in the car and a long journey time home before a warm bath. Blankets can also make a makeshift dog bed when travelling throughout festive holidays, perfect for a curl up in the corner at a classic pub. Concerned about the mud? Bang them in the washing machine, all our blankets are machine washable!
pink dog blanketnavy dog blanket
All our blankets are puppy friendly and make great fillers for beds they have yet to grow into, some dogs like to create “caves” as I am sure any dog owner is aware and our washable blankets for any type of accident can make a great cover, and make the perfect comfy snug environment.
Protect furniture with your dog’s signature dog blanket, throw it over fabric sofas or their favourite armchair. Unlike furniture fabrics, our dog blankets are easy to wash, large enough to tuck into places and can help protect your home interior from dirty paws and dog hair.
red dog blanket
dog blankets on sale
Of course we try to consider every owner’s styles and personalities, that’s why our dog blankets are available in 4 contrasting colours! For multiple dog households, this also means you can give a signature colour to each dog, perfect for dogs and puppies growing up! Plus they can make great Christmas presents for anyone expecting a new puppy in the new year.
All our blankets are sustainably sourced and manufactured here in the UK.
Our dog blankets are available in our London dog shops as well as online here.
Available in: Beige & Red | Red & Navy | Navy & Orange | Grey & Pink
blue fleece blanket
blankets for dogsfleece blanket for dogs
grey dog blanket

Shop the blanket in: Beige & Red | Red & Navy | Navy & Orange | Grey & Pink

Posted on Tuesday 7th November 2017