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About Purplebone

Purplebone is for that London dog living. We know dogs are family & we know they are part of your home & we know they are living your lifestyle! So why not show it? Welcome to London.

Purplebone provides London pets and dog owners with an exceptional service of grooming and hand picked and manufactured selection of retail items. Visit our Notting Hill grooming parlour and retail store.

Dog Grooming

We started grooming dogs in 2010, with our first parlour in Notting Hill. Purplebone has washed and cut the hair of thousands of dogs since and we’ve love every minute.

We continue to provide our loyal customers & new ones alike with a bespoke service, one of a kind experience and an expert grooming service.

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Dog Accessories, Dog Cosmetics

We design lifestyle items, for both you and your dog. We understand how much dog’s lives have changed, from country living to city living. Offering high quality items with a combination of creativity, durability and consideration for the modern dog & their owners.

Every item from lead to toy is created to keep the dogs happy and the owners smiling.  We continue to uphold a strong commitment to our British and European manufacturers and locally sourced goods. Every item is tested by our dog board (Dora, Phoebe and Daisy) & their owners. Made with love, dedication and you in mind.

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