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5 Best Toys That Are Suitable For Puppies

5 Best Toys That Are Suitable For Puppies

Ah puppies. Who doesn’t just want to spoil their new friend? No matter the age of your pup it’s best to keep an eye out on their health & welfare (that includes the ever dreaded teething age). 

There are always options to consider when buying for puppies – this means no choking hazards, minimal chance of breakage and toys that are stimulating and can keep them busy too!


Meet our top 5 Purplebone Picks for Puppies.

Corduroy Hippo – NEW IN (view here)

Say hello to the cute, corduroy hippo, isn’t she just the cutest? She’s a soft toy and works as a great comforter to new pups learning to sleep on their own. Made of certified organic fabric, non toxic materials and low eco compact dye, you just can’t get any safer than this!

She’s great for a cuddle and gentle play for those super young puppies whilst introducing them to a new home. Also a great introduction for puppies who have yet to enjoy play with rubber or latex toys.


Lakeland terrier dog with hippo toy

Best toy for puppies soft toy for dog

Happy Monkey – NEW IN (view here)

No choking hazard involved here, the squeaker is part of the toy. Ideal for puppies who are teething or have mouthing habits, easy to clean too! Bright coloured and a soft squeak for that next level up.

Be prepared for lots of noise though, perfect for dog breeds with a high prey drive.

latex toys suitable for puppies small dogs

BLUE CRAB – NEW IN (view here)

Corduroy texture for added stimulation & it’s soft, durable and great for puppies learning to explore with their mouths.  With the added shaping of the claws, it allows for both small and big dog breeds alike to get their teeth around this one.

Added feature of squeaky inside, but with that hard durable corduroy it’s going to take big chewers to get through this one.

Squeaky blue crab toy for puppies and dogs

Pineapple Toy – (view here)

BioSafe & Germ Smart, recommended by Vets, this is a tough dog toy that works as a great stimulating gum massage (for those pups losing teeth or going through painful teething). Added bonus it floats too, try washing it and putting it in the freezer for that extra cold feeling to sooth sore gums.

Extra protecting coat Biocote, prevents the growth of nasty bacteria to keep it fresher for longer.

Rosewood toy suitable for puppies and small dogs

Fetch Balls – (view here)

There’s never a bad time to learn how to play fetch! Specifically made for dogs in mind with 2 different sizes as your pup grows. Heavy duty felt, made for durability that is acceptable for all breeds.

Bright colours and not to be mixed up with other peoples Tennis balls, you won’t lose them when playing the garden or the park.

Fetch balls colourful tennis ball for dogs


Avoid in puppy toys:

Items with small or sharp metal parts – springs or batteries

Cooked real bones – cooked bones break into tiny, highly abrasive fragments that can damage their digestive tract!

Pet toys with squeakers that can be separated – be wary of swallowing squeakers