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Top 5 Chew Toys for Dogs

Dogs love to chew! It’s in their nature to chomp and tear at whatever is available, including your favourite shoes. We’ve put together a list of the best chew toys to keep them entertained (and your shoes safe!)

See Purplebone’s top picks below:

THE HIPSTER – Available Online & In Store

Your pup has never had a toy this cool! Hip by name and nature, this durable, rubber toy bounces erratically, providing endless fun. The Hipster.

Intended for general play, this is a stimulating and fun toy. Available in three sizes, this toy suits the tinniest Chihuahua to a Great Dane, and all dogs in between.

JW’s Bouncy Toy collection includes The Punk and The Devil.

tough colourful dog toys

tough dog toys on sale in london


ROPE TOYS – Available Online & In Store

This collection are a few of Purplebone’s best selling toys. Perfect for both Puppies and older dogs. Rope toys are great for chewing, as the fibres act as dental floss, gently removing food and plaque. This cute rope duck also appeals to the hunter in every pup, and it naturally unravels during play.

Our range of cotton rope toys are: Bea the Bee, Claus the PenguinRalph and Bert the Rabbits.

cute rope dog toys on sale

rabbit dog toy, bee dog toy and penguin


CHUCK IT ULTRA BALLS – Available Online & In Store

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is a very bouncy ball that’s filled with air. It has a minuscule hole in it so that the ball can be really chewed and compressed by your dog’s powerful jaws only to inflate immediately.

Made from natural rubber, this impressive dog ball will float, bounce very well and go a seriously long distance when thrown with your Chuckit! Ball Launcher.

It’s the perfect alternative for traditional tennis balls, and won’t leave endless bits of fluff throughout the house.

chuck it ultra ball on sale london

chuck it dog toy in London

MAD COW – Available Online & In Store

The Mad Cow is a tough toy, and we aren’t just talking about his charming personality! Made from durable canvas, with floppy limbs, this toy is perfect for chewing pups.

Suspicious Chicken and the Grunter Family join Mad Cow on their mysterious adventures.

Mad cow and tough dog toys


HOLLOW STICK – Available Online & In Store

Just like the real thing, without the risk of splinters! This Durable dog chew toy with mild bacon flavour has a hollow centre that can be filled with treats. Is perfect for chewers and dogs with strong jaws.

tough fog toy hollow stick on sale