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Purplebone, Venison Joint Care Treats
Purplebone, Venison Joint Care Treats Venison Joint Care Treats, 100% Natural Venison Dog Treats at Purplebone

Purplebone, Venison Joint Care Treats


100% Natural Venison Joint Care Treats by Purplebone


Introducing own range of dog treats, made in the UK from 100% air dried British venison

  • 100% British venison dog treats
  • 60g

Air-dried sausage type bites made from 100% venison meat in an edible sausage casing derived from natural collagen, with no additives except glucosamine, which plays an important role in promoting joint care and mobility. Ideal for older dogs and breeds prone to joint problems. Suitable for dogs with food intolerances.


Also available in our luxurious range of original treats are the: Venison Joint Care, Venison Mini Shank Bone, Beef Liver Slices, Venison Chew Sticks & Venison Marrow Bones.


Thank you to April from Arnedoodle on Instagram for the amazing photos. Follow Purplebone here.

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