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Natural Rope Clip Dog Lead Rope lead natural dog lead in rope natural dog clip lead walk dog on rope lead small rope dog lead marine rope dog lead metal clip lead clip dog lead

Natural Rope Clip Dog Lead


Natural Rope Clip Dog Lead

This beige natural rope clip dog lead has a classic, down-to-earth appeal and finish, topped with metallic fixtures, and soft rubber bindings & a leather stopper.

This gorgeous rope is hand spliced from top quality cotton marine rope made and manufactured by KJK in Britain.

Light, durable and easy to maintain, these leads wear well with age.

  • Available in
  • 0.8cm Width * 120cm Length
  • 0.8cm With * 170cm Length
  • 1.2cm Width * 120cm Length
  • 1.2cm Width * 170cm Length

The rope clip lead is also available in Red or Black

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