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Honeysuckle Jasmine Coat Spray Jasmine Dog Coat Spray

Honeysuckle Jasmine Dog Coat Spray by Aroma Paws

Honeysuckle Jasmine Coat Spray

Aroma Paws treats us with their range of delightful deodorising & conditioning coat spray for dogs. Here we have the Honeysuckle Jasmine with Sweet Violet.

Honeysuckle Oil is a natural emollient, Indian Jasmine Oil is a mood elevator & antiseptic, Sweet Violet Oil helps reduce insomnia & stress.

Deodorising coats sprays. Formulated for a shiny coat and to soothe dry skin. Use between bathes to maintain a shiny, fresh smelling coat. Great for itchy dogs, providing extra relief for dry skin.

Fragrance description: Sweet honeysuckle flowers and sharp jasmine blend for a rich and explosive fragrance. A very popular blend.

Available in 135ml

Chemical Free: ph Balanced. EcoFriendly & Bio-degradable. Contains no: Dyes, Parabens, Alcohol, Salt, Phosphates, Synthetic fragrances.

Lovingly manufactured and carefully delivered from the USA.

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