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Arran Bed, Dawn
Arran Bed, Dawn ex-7366 ex-7367

Arran Bed, Dawn


The two toned textured grey and turquoise cotton compliments the Purplebone logo leather patch shouting out Luxury with this sofa-bed style dog bed. With an easy accessible entrance and super soft heavily padded pillows, your dog is guaranteed to have a comfortable nights sleep.

Made in the UK from 100% cotton. One piece.  Machine Washable.

Available in:

  • Small: 42cm Width * 50cm Length * 12cm Depth – (16.5inches * 20in * 4.7in)
  • Medium: 44cm Width * 58cm Length * 12cm Depth – (17inches * 23in * 4.7in)
  • Large:  60cm Width * 80cm Length * 12cm Depth – (23.5inches * 31in * 4.7in)

How about the Arran bed in Grey?





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