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Aroma Paws, Cucumber Facial Scrub
Aroma Paws, Cucumber Facial Scrub cucumber-2

Aroma Paws, Cucumber Facial Scrub


The Aroma Paws Cucumber Dog Facial Scrub is a tear free, pH balanced facial cleanser for in between baths, insisting on keeping your pup looking constantly fresh and vitalised.

It is blended with Organic cucumber and Aloe extracts. Clean food from facial fur, and excessive tearing from around the eyes. The fresh smell removes odors from in-between facial folds.


Chemical Free. Contains no: DEA, TEA, SLS, pesticides or animal by-products.

Contains no: Dyes, Parabens, Alcohol, Salt, Phosphates, Synthetic fragrances.

Available in 405ml

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