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Dog Grooming

Important Booking Tips

The First Name is the Dog’s First Name *This bit is very important*.

State the dogs breed and coat condition, with as much detail about your desired groom as possible.

Tick ‘Remember Me’, to avoid re-typing all your details on this device again.

The ‘View or change my appointment’ button on your confirmed appointment email allows you to change the time or date of your appointment.

For new customers a £25 deposit is now required to secure your booking. For cancellations within 24 hours or not showing up to your appointment we reserve the right to request an advanced payment of £50 for the next appointment.

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Purplebone is London’s premier dog grooming parlour. We have many options available, including an exciting new ultra pampering session, full groom, wash and tidy, wash, hand stripping as well as a la carte options (Please find the service breakdown below).

Our City & Guilds qualified, award winning, highly trained dog grooming staff are focused on animal welfare and delivering the best possible expert quality service.

The goal is to provide your dog with the highest quality dog grooming service in a safe and relaxing environment free from cages and drying cabinets. We take the best possible care of your dog using top of the range products and equipments in our unrivalled dog grooming salons.

Our Notting Hill parlours are open 6 days a week, with booking available between 9.30am until 5pm. 




*Premium Pamper*

*New to 2019* The ultra beautification.

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Full Groom

This is everything your dog needs to look and feel great.


Wash and Tidy

Freshen up your dogs coat today with a wash and tidy.



A wash is perfect for pets-on-the-go and busy owners. It is quick and easy.


Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog.

dog grooming nail cutting

A La Carte / Add On

Simply add these to another service, or select on it’s own. Walk-in’s accepted for nail clipping only.

Premium Pamper

*New For 2019*

Full Groom Wash and Tidy Wash Hand Strip A La Carte**
Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning

*New For 2019*

Nail Grinding

*New For 2019*

Nail Clipping
Blueberry Facial

*New For 2019*

Full Body Haircut
Face & Paws Cut
Shave Paw Pads
Sanitary area Trim
Undercoat Removal
Blow Drying
Ear Cleaning
Mouth Wash
Deodorise Spray
Hand Stripping

**Teeth Cleaning, Nail Grinding, Nail Clipping and Blueberry Facial are all available on their own or as optional add-on’s on top of our Full Groom, Wash and Tidy, Wash and Hand Stripping services. To apply these, please make two separate bookings.



Find out how much it costs to get your dog groomed at Purplebone below.

Please note that short haired ‘Large Breeds’ and ‘Extra Large Breeds’ can be considered to be priced in the same category as ‘Medium Breeds’ or ‘Large Breeds’ respectively. The store staff will guide you through the specifics and have final say of cost.

+ - Toy Breeds (Up to 6 kg)

Toy Yorkie


Teacup Poodle

Miniature Dachshund

Italian Greyhound


Toy Maltese


Prices Start From:

*NEW* Premium Pamper – £120

*NEW* Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning – £50

Full Groom – £55+

Wash and Tidy – £45+

Wash – £35+

Hand Stripping – £75+

*NEW* Nail Grinding – £15

+ - Small Breeds (6 kg - 12 kg)

Bichon Frise


Toy Poodle

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Mini Schnauzer

Shih Tzu

French Bulldog


Scottish, Lakeland, Welsh Terrier

Prices Start From:

*NEW* Premium Pamper – £130

*NEW* Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning – £50

Full Groom – £60+

Wash and Tidy – £50+

Wash – £35+

Hand Stripping – £75+

*NEW* Nail Grinding – £15

+ - Medium Breeds (12 kg - 25 kg)

Border Collie


Cocker Spaniel

Mini Poodle

Springer Spaniel

Tibetan Terrier

Wheaton Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Mini Golden Doodle

Prices Start From:

*NEW* Premium Pamper – £150

*NEW* Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning – £50

Full Groom – £65+

Wash and Tidy – £60+

Wash – £50+

Hand Stripping – £75+

*NEW* Nail Grinding – £15

+ - Large Breeds (25 kg - 40 kg)



English Setter

German Shepherd

Golden Retriever

Hungarian Vizsla


Standard Poodle

Portuguese Waterdog

Airedale Terrier

Prices Start From:

*NEW* Premium Pamper – £170

*NEW* Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning – £50

Full Groom – £80+

Wash and Tidy – £70+

Wash – £50+

Hand Stripping – £75+

*NEW* Nail Grinding – £15

+ - Extra Large Breeds (40 KG - 80 KG)

Bernese Mountain Dog

Great Dane

Giant Schnauzer 


Chow Chow



Saint Bernard

Prices Start From:

*NEW* Premium Pamper – £180

*NEW* Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning – £50

Full Groom – £90+

Wash and Tidy – £80+

Wash – £70+

Hand Stripping – £75+

*NEW* Nail Grinding – £15



Purplebone Dog Grooming Collection and Drop Off

Collection & Drop Off

We are now offering a collection and drop off service for dogs groomed at Purplebone and located within the illustrated London Post Codes (W2, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, W14). Currently collecting dogs with grooming appointments at:

Tuesdays, 10.30am & 2.30pm

Thursdays, 10.30am & 2.30pm

Dogs will be picked up by a staff member in our Purplebone Mini Cooper up to half an hour before appointments. The service costs £10 each way and must be paid in advance in store or over the phone. Please request this service by adding your collection and address details in the ‘Comments’ section whilst booking your next groom. *Customers in the W2 London post code are charged an extra £10 congestion charge.


Dog Grooming Bookings (Multiple Dogs 2+)

Our appointment booking app is great when you have one dog using one slot, however we can get really busy and if you have two or more dogs it’s tricky to book their appointments all in for the same day / time slot.

We are very happy to accommodate customers with more than two dogs and want to book their grooming appointments in for the same day / time slot.

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch via phone or email with confirmation.

Your First and Last Name (required)*

Your Email*

Your Telephone Number*

Dogs Names*

Number of Dogs?*

Select Location*

Dog Breeds*

Desired Day & Time Slot*

Grooming Service*

Your Message

Please note, all above prices are very close estimates, your allocated groomer will have the final say which will be discussed with you at the parlour.  Any prices quoted over the phone are indicative and are subject to change. Prices for washing and full grooms are influenced by size of dog and the length/condition of the coat. We reserve the right to charge extra for de-matting however all extra charges are subject to owners approval. Purplebone keeps detailed electronic records. Client data will never be shared or sold.