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A Tweed Feature by Cinniloveswalkies, A Chat with Bianca

The woodland around Munich, Germany has an undeniable magical quality.

Pair this setting, with the beautiful, and captivating Cinni the border collie (2 year old rescue), her very clever photographer human Bianca (25), and a Purplebone Vermont Tweed Dog Jacket, and what you get is this enchanting look book!

We caught up with Bianca recently to have a quick chat about Cinni’s new rise to Instagram fame (read below).

german dog cinni in purplebone tweed jacket

Purplebone: The first time we chatted with you Bianca was just before Christmas. We fell in love with Cinni and wanted to set up Cinni up as Purplebone’s newest brand model for our AW16 jacket range ASAP. Was Purplebone the first dog brand you worked with?

Bianca: Yep, (Purplebone) was our very first one! I had just started her account and freaked out when you texted and asked me to collaborate. I’m a part time pet photographer and when I have time I take so many photos of my two girls, so I decided to make an account so I can show them to the world. (Visit Bianca’s personal photography site here)

Bianca: People got annoyed by me posting too many dog photos on my Facebook and private Instagram account. Cinni really loves to model for food, she enjoy the attention so that’s perfect.

gorgeous dog wearing vermont tweed jacket

Purplebone: Cinni is a gorgeous name, how do you pronounce it?

Bianca: You pronounce her ‘Tschinni’. Everyone thinks it’s ‘Ssinni’ and I actually think that was the right pronunciation but her former owner pronounced it with a ‘Tsch’ to me when he handed her over so I started calling her that.

tweed coat for dogs on sale

Purplebone: How has the reaction to Cinni’s Instagram page been since you started it only a few months a go?

Bianca: It has been quite awesome and I never expected to reach nearly 10,000 so quickly! Think it is a combination of posting good quality photos, posting frequently and interacting a lot. And of course Cinni’s cuteness helps.

I only used Instagram privately with friends before and was quite amazed by the community it provides and how many nice people, dogs and brands Iv’e discovered and chatted with so far.

premium high quality tweed jacket for dogs

Purplebone: What is your favourite activity to do with your two girls?

Bianca: Our favourite activity is definitely going for a lo(ooooo)ng walk somewhere quiet and just enjoy the nature! Preferably somewhere where there is a river or a lake so Cinni can have a swim and where there’s lots to sniff for Ronja. And of course bringing my camera and taking a few photos.

Bianca:  Going for a walk with the dogs and taking photos is my therapy, I just love it! That’s why I’m super happy that I found a channel (Instagram) where I can share a bit of our life and where there are so many people that share my love for dogs and photography.

high quality tweed jacket made in England

Purplebone: Which spots do you recommend for any passing tourists and dog walking enthusiasts?

Bianca: One of my favourite’s around where I live is the ‘Mallertshofer Holz’. It’s a huge area with heath, forest and has a lake where dogs are allowed even in the summer. Around Munich, definitely along the Isar, from the Reichenbach bridge to the Flaucher! Lots of doggies around there and a lot of water to cool down in.

You can follow Cinni and Bianca’s travels on their Instagram page here.

A Tweed Feature by Cinniloveswalkies, A Chat with Bianca on the Purplebone Dog Blog… Wednesday 1st March 2017